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Bill Lueders

The Neverending Story (of Trump’s Grift)

Trump’s legal troubles have inspired a relentless fundraising campaign. The appeals are…
Tim Miller

Kevin McCarthy: The Gimp Who Thinks He’s a Master

He wants to be seen as a tough, sane leader. In reality,…
Jonathan V. Last

Soft Bois Eventually Give Way to Hard Men

The nationalist dandies are funny, in a pathetic sort of way. The…
Charlie Sykes

The Right’s Lust for Violence

Roger Stone, Michael Anton, Kyle Young, and the Oath Keepers.
Boris Krämer, Chris Truax, and Jonathan Carreon

The Electoral Count Act Is Actually an Engineering Problem

Don’t focus on the politics. Focus on outcomes management.
Mona Charen

What Country Is the Wall Street Journal Living In?

The paper’s editorial board deludes itself with its endorsement of Kari Lake.