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Joe Perticone

Republicans Take Out Their Long-Held Ukraine Anger on DeSantis

Plus: Is the GOP doomed to another losing Senate cycle?
Jonathan V. Last

The Three Histories of Conservatism

Was MAGA always the inevitable endpoint of conservatism?
Charlie Sykes

The Dilemma of Horny Bro Conservativism

Plus: Defining "wokeness"
Jonathan Marks

Michael Walzer’s Liberalism of Gratitude

Don’t let a fixation on political endings prevent you from living a…
Amanda Carpenter

Could the GOP Divide Over Ukraine Become a Lasting Split?

Russia’s invasion of its democratic neighbor must matter more than ‘woke’ culture…
Clare Coffey

The ‘Mortuary Chic’ of Today’s Aspirational Kitchen

It’s almost impossible to imagine any actual cooking being done in these…
Ralph Clem and Ray Finch

A Russian Jet Hit an American Drone. It Probably Won’t Be the Last Time.

Frequent encounters between NATO and Russian military aircraft are raising the odds…