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Daniel McGraw


As the Supreme Court rules on ‘waters of the United States,’ it’s…
Joe Perticone

DeSantis 2024 launch: Not as bad as you think?

He raised a lot of money and previewed attacks on Trump.
Jonathan V. Last

It’s Not Too Late for Conservatism Inc. to Dump DeSantis

But for the Republican establishment, Ron DeSantis is too big to fail.
Charlie Sykes

A Spectacular Failure to Launch

Plus: Answering Nate Silver
Cathy Young

Stand with the Russians Who Stand Against Putin

The case of Dasha Navalnaya and the excesses of the anti-Russian backlash.
Amanda Carpenter

Kari Lake Caves to Reality, Sort Of

How the defeated Arizonan learned to love the mail-in vote.
Bill Lueders

The Right-Wing Embrace of Bloodlust

Daniel Penny and Daniel Perry have similar names, and bloodthirsty fans.