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Articles by Brian Stewart (page 2)

February 26, 2021 5:27 am

How Biden Can Rally the World Against China

Washington has finally given up on the idea that China would liberalize. Now what?
Brian Stewart
November 10, 2020 5:30 am

Relax, Cousins

Trump was no ‘great friend’ to the U.K.—and a Biden administration will be no curse.
Brian Stewart
October 12, 2020 5:30 am

Our Abiding Quarrel with Russia

Russia has interfered in American elections before. It is again.
Brian Stewart
September 17, 2020 5:30 am

The Price of Peace

Critics of U.S. foreign policy attribute the world’s ills to American power.
Brian Stewart
September 11, 2020 5:30 am

Can Lebanon Be Fixed?

A nation of warring tribes is locked in a failing state.
Brian Stewart
August 29, 2020 10:28 am

“America First” is a Lie

The Trump right fails to understand that U.S. leadership in defending a decent world order is also necessary to protect…
Brian Stewart
August 23, 2020 5:17 am

How Putin Took Over Russia

‘Putin’s People’ details the Russian autocrat and ex-KGB spook’s rise to power and efforts to reverse the outcome of the…
Brian Stewart
August 20, 2020 5:10 am

Trump and Snowden’s War on Proper Authority

In their contempt for the state, Snowden and Trump are natural allies.
Brian Stewart
August 5, 2020 5:30 am

The Declaration Under Siege

An anodyne restatement of the American system of rights sparked an unwarranted backlash from the relativists.
Brian Stewart
July 27, 2020 5:30 am

The Dismal International Response to China’s Gulags

A cultural genocide is unfolding in China. The world’s silence is scandalous.
Brian Stewart