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Articles by Cathy Young (page 3)

November 9, 2023 5:32 am

False Flag Fantasies in Ukraine

A conspiracy theory about the 2014 Maidan Revolution gets demolished—but refuses to disappear.
Cathy Young
November 3, 2023 3:07 am

Defeatism or Hope in Ukraine?

A gloomy Zelensky profile stirs controversy while a new article by the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ commander-in-chief points to a way…
Cathy Young
November 1, 2023 3:42 am

How Putin Enabled Pogroms

Kremlin propaganda stoked hate—and Putin’s Chechen ally Ramzan Kadyrov cultivated a brutal brand of Islamism.
Cathy Young
October 26, 2023 10:47 pm

Water and Suffering in Gaza

The water crisis, made worse by the war, goes back years—and Hamas is one of its main causes.
Cathy Young
October 23, 2023 2:06 am

Missiles and Momentum in Ukraine

Recent successes in the war to defeat the Russian invasion.
Cathy Young
October 19, 2023 3:47 am

Rush to Judgment and Bias on Gaza Hospital Story

The facts emerged gradually, but many journalists and activists seemed eager to shift to a blame-Israel narrative.
Cathy Young
October 16, 2023 2:53 am

Russia Tilts Toward Hamas

Whatever its connection to the attack, Vladimir Putin’s regime sees benefits in the war
Cathy Young
October 11, 2023 3:28 am

Blood on Biden’s Hands?

The sick, twisted attempt to blame the killings in Israel on the U.S. president.
Cathy Young
October 10, 2023 5:32 am

Seeking the Faces of the Dead

Children, parents, grandparents murdered in Israel—their stories must be told.
Cathy Young
October 5, 2023 5:32 am

What Russian War Hawks Are Saying to Themselves About Ukraine

Rare glimpses of candor suggest tremendous frustration.
Cathy Young