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Articles by Christian Schneider (page 4)

July 5, 2019 4:29 am

(Woke) Corporations Are People, My Friend

A miraculous resurrection has taken place on the banks of the Potomac. Entities once unpersoned have again been magically imbued…

Christian Schneider
June 6, 2019 3:00 pm

Just Because You CAN Defend Steven Crowder Doesn’t Mean You HAVE To

It’s easy to stick up for someone’s right to say something, anything. But free speech is about more than owning…
Christian Schneider
May 16, 2019 4:48 am

We’re Laughing At Trump, Not With Him

He's not actually funny.
Christian Schneider
April 25, 2019 4:18 am

The Primary System Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.

If you want to run for president you should have some skin in the game.
Christian Schneider
April 15, 2019 4:52 am

Why I Am Supporting Momo in 2020

She's the terrifying bird-faced creature we need to drain the swamp.
Christian Schneider
March 28, 2019 4:40 am

Beto O’Rourke is Genuinely Inauthentic

Not having an act is his act.
Christian Schneider
March 13, 2019 4:51 am

What Democrats Mean When They Talk About Science

Hint: It often has nothing to do with science.
Christian Schneider
February 28, 2019 4:03 am

It’s OK, Amy Klobuchar. Churchill Was a Jackass, Too.

In America, there are a handful of professions in which we encourage people to be jackasses: Lawyer, celebrity…

Christian Schneider
February 16, 2019 4:27 am

Democrats Learning the Perils of Actually Being in Power

Turns out their policies are not so popular when people get the details.
Christian Schneider
February 11, 2019 4:38 am

The Problem With Being a Popular Conservative

One must either be dead or retired to earn the respect of liberals.
Christian Schneider