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Joe Perticone

Joe Perticone is national political reporter at The Bulwark. Follow him on Twitter: @JoePerticone. He can be reached at: [email protected]

Articles by Joe Perticone (page 1)

March 23, 2023 4:29 pm

Leave Trump Alone!

And TikTok starts to fight back against Washington.
Joe Perticone
March 21, 2023 3:46 pm

Congressional Republicans Are Gearing Up for Battle Over Expected Trump Indictment

And Ron DeSantis gets the classic Trump treatment.
Joe Perticone
March 16, 2023 3:00 pm

Republicans Take Out Their Long-Held Ukraine Anger on DeSantis

Plus: Is the GOP doomed to another losing Senate cycle?
Joe Perticone
March 14, 2023 3:54 pm

Did the Banks ‘Go Woke’ or Just Enjoy Bipartisan Deregulation?

And Ted Cruz’s book publisher photoshops out his mullet
Joe Perticone
March 9, 2023 3:16 pm

Does the Right Want an Iraq War in Mexico?

A pair of congressmen are pushing for an AUMF down south.
Joe Perticone
March 7, 2023 3:27 pm

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want to Talk About Eradicating “Transgenderism”

And a group of lawmakers are playing defense for Big Dairy.
Joe Perticone
March 2, 2023 5:09 pm

Examining Ron DeSantis’s Tenure in the House

And a new report about Havana syndrome frustrates Congress
Joe Perticone
February 28, 2023 4:56 pm

Social Security and Medicare Have Always Been on the Chopping Block

And the new Select Committee on China has it's first primetime hearing.
Joe Perticone
February 23, 2023 4:02 pm

Trump’s Real Record on Rail and Chemical Safety

And an alleged arms trafficker claims he was targeted over Hunter Biden
Joe Perticone
February 21, 2023 4:47 pm

Secession Fan Fiction Gaining Popularity on the Right

A scheme to redraw state lines passed the Idaho House.
Joe Perticone