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Lindsay M. Chervinsky

Lindsay M. Chervinsky is a presidential historian and a senior fellow at the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University. She is the author of The Cabinet: George Washington and the Creation of an American Institution. Twitter: @lmchervinsky.

Articles by Lindsay M. Chervinsky

October 1, 2021 5:30 am

The Disturbing Precedent for McConnell’s Debt-Ceiling Brinksmanship

His tactics echo those perfected by the “Slavocracy” before the Civil War.
Lindsay M. Chervinsky
June 11, 2021 5:30 am

Biden’s Trip Abroad—and TR’s

What presidential trips tell us about America’s standing in the world.
Lindsay M. Chervinsky
February 12, 2021 5:30 am

What Good Is Impeachment, Anyway?

It has never successfully been used to hold a president accountable—but Congress should still try.
Lindsay M. Chervinsky
January 9, 2021 4:41 pm

Precedents for This Week’s Cabinet Exodus

It’s rare—and historically an indicator of instability in an administration.
Lindsay M. Chervinsky