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Mona Charen

Mona Charen is Policy Editor of The Bulwark, a nationally syndicated columnist, and host of The Bulwark’s Beg to Differ podcast. She can be reached at [email protected].

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September 29, 2023 8:53 am

“Thank You for Speaking While I’m Interrupting.”

Former GOP Congresswoman Barbara Comstock drops in to discuss the debate, the shutdown, the impeachment, and the general dysfunction.


Mona Charen
September 28, 2023 5:32 am

The Fear Factor in Republican Politics

The MAGA movement has made political violence and intimidation a regular feature of our public life.
Mona Charen
September 22, 2023 10:45 am

No Justice, No Jeeps

Francis Fukuyama joins Damon Linker, Ben Wittes, and A.B. Stoddard to analyze the UAW strike, the attacks on the “Deep…
Mona Charen
September 20, 2023 5:32 am

The Age of Narcissism

Why are we obsessed with celebrities who are obsessed with themselves?
Mona Charen
September 15, 2023 11:29 am

No Party for Honest Men

David Frum joins the group for a wide ranging discussion including the impeachment investigation, Biden’s trip to the G20, Hunter…
Mona Charen
September 12, 2023 5:32 am

Stop Hid’n Biden

The president sounded sharp on his round-the-world trip. More of that please.
Mona Charen
September 8, 2023 11:27 am

Must Biden Go? Pro and Con

Kori Schake, head of defense and foreign policy studies at AEI, shares her views on China, Ukraine, and Tuberville’s stunt.…
Mona Charen
September 1, 2023 11:44 am

Look Who’s Claiming to Care about Norms Now

Law professor and AEI scholar Adam White joins the show to answer legal questions about Trump’s trials. The panel then…
Mona Charen
August 29, 2023 5:32 am

Pro-Lifers Should Change Tactics

Focus on lives, not laws.
Mona Charen
August 25, 2023 10:26 am

Springtime for Demagogues

Walter Olson of CATO joins the panel for debate analysis, including the rise of “RamaSMARMY.” Plus, a discussion of the…
Mona Charen