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Articles by Mona Charen (page 5)

September 2, 2022 10:22 am

He Is a Sucking Black Hole of Disaster (with Megan McArdle)

Republicans know the 'Trump magic' isn't working, so when is the party going to get rid of him?
Mona Charen
September 1, 2022 5:30 am

What COVID Revealed About Our Kids

The pandemic exacerbated our underlying loneliness epidemic.
Mona Charen
August 26, 2022 9:09 am

How to Defeat Putin . . . and Trump (with Eric Edelman)

Eric Edelman joins the panel to discuss how to help Ukraine win.
Mona Charen
August 24, 2022 5:30 am

Try Trump at the Ballot Box, Not in Court

Trials are too uncertain to risk the republic.
Mona Charen
August 19, 2022 11:42 am

I’m Sorry, That’s Classified

Former CIA officer David Priess joins the group to consider Trump's secrets squirreled away in Mar-a-Lago, the "woke" FBI, the…
Mona Charen
August 17, 2022 5:30 am

Does Preserving Democracy Require Letting Trump Off?

It’s hard to weigh domestic tranquility against justice.
Mona Charen
August 12, 2022 9:39 am

GOP vs. Rule of Law (with Ted Nordhaus)

Ted Nordhaus of the Breakthrough Institute answers doubts about nuclear energy.
Mona Charen
August 10, 2022 5:30 am

Republicans Are Rooting for Civil War

The distrust Trump sowed is bearing bitter fruit.
Mona Charen
August 5, 2022 9:59 am

Kansas Shocker (with A.B. Stoddard)

A.B. Stoddard helps analyze the primary election results.
Mona Charen
August 3, 2022 5:30 am

We Need an America First Immigration Policy

Our immigration system should put the country’s needs first—and we need more labor.
Mona Charen