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Archives (page 394)

March 3, 2019 8:30 am

The (New) Screwtape Letters

A view of our political foibles from a highly placed assistant to Our Father Below.
Tom Nichols
March 2, 2019 12:10 pm

CPAC: Blexit Is Real!

Another day with the best that Conservatism Inc. has to offer.
Molly Jong-Fast
March 1, 2019 4:36 pm

Is Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Already Over?

Except for the shouting, yes.
Michael Graham
March 1, 2019 9:50 am

CPAC: This Is Definitely the Bad Place

A travel diary from day one at CPAC.
Molly Jong-Fast
March 1, 2019 4:33 am

Hate Crime Hoaxes Are Real. But So Are Hate Crimes.

America is too big, too populous, and too diverse for hate-related violence to be an either-or situation.
Cathy Young
February 28, 2019 10:44 am

The Case for Neomi Rao

Understanding Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton's concerns about Rao's nomination to the DC circuit court.
Erick Erickson
February 28, 2019 9:06 am

The Three Problems with the North Korea Walk-Out

This wasn't "strength." It was getting out before losing everything.
Andrew Egger
February 28, 2019 4:24 am

Moderation Won’t Cure Our Polarization. But Real Leadership Might.

Extremism is a problem that won't go away as long as neither party sees any benefit in compromising.
Benjamin Parker
February 28, 2019 4:03 am

It’s OK, Amy Klobuchar. Churchill Was a Jackass, Too.

In America, there are a handful of professions in which we encourage people to be jackasses: Lawyer, celebrity…

Christian Schneider
February 27, 2019 6:53 pm

The Five Biggest Takeaways from Michael Cohen’s Testimony

What Cohen had to say about the president—and what our system of democracy should do about it all.
Kimberly Wehle