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Foreign Affairs (page 10)

February 1, 2023 12:01 am

The Iranian Struggle for Freedom: A Call for Global Solidarity

[Editor’s Note: This statement of support for Iran’s pro-freedom, pro-democracy Azadi movement is being released today. The Bulwark’s William Kristol…

The Editors
January 24, 2023 5:30 am

As Germany Delays, Ukrainians Die

The cost of German dithering over delivery of tanks to Ukraine is measured in lives unnecessarily lost.
Eric Edelman and David J. Kramer
January 23, 2023 5:30 am

Whatever Happened to the ‘Zeitenwende’?

Delayed, not denied.
William Kristol
January 20, 2023 5:30 am

At Soledar, the Battle of the Damned

Recruited convicts become the face of Russia’s war while the world rallies for more aid to Ukraine.
Cathy Young
January 17, 2023 2:42 pm

Toward a True ‘Zeitenwende’

Germany, the United States, and how today’s challenges are creating new opportunities for liberal democracy.
William Kristol and Jeffrey Gedmin
January 9, 2023 5:30 am

What Ukraine Still Needs

Armored vehicles are a step in the right direction, but much more must follow.
Giselle Donnelly
January 6, 2023 5:30 am

What Bradley Fighting Vehicles Will Mean for Ukraine

The Bradley has the speed, range, and firepower to help Ukraine retake its territory.
Mark Hertling
January 4, 2023 5:30 am

The Ukraine War in Its Second Winter—and Beyond

The Russian invasion in 2022 was almost beyond satire. The outlook for 2023 is grim but not hopeless.
Cathy Young
December 22, 2022 3:35 am

Putin’s Useful Idiots: Right Wingers Lose It Over Zelensky Visit

The anti-Ukraine right can’t stand America standing as the arsenal of democracy.
Cathy Young
December 16, 2022 5:30 am

Right-Wing Creeps Claim Bringing Brittney Griner Home Was Woke

Echoing Kremlin talking points.
Cathy Young