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August 23, 2023 5:32 am

Culture Warriors: GOP Hypocrisy and Lies About the Armed Forces

Republicans insist that service members who defied COVID vax orders should be reinstated—yet those arguments are flipped when it comes…
William Saletan
August 9, 2023 5:32 am

Derrick Van Orden Makes No Apologies for Being a Jerk

The Wisconsin congressman seems determined to further his reputation as a magnet for bad press.
Bill Lueders
August 1, 2023 5:31 am

Trump Rallies and Murder Fantasies

The direction of right-wing rhetoric.
Thomas Lecaque
July 14, 2023 5:31 am

Who Is the Real ‘Architect’ of Today’s Republican Party?

When assigning blame for the Trump takeover of the GOP, don’t leave out Karl Rove.
Paul Alexander
June 12, 2023 5:31 am

Is Today’s GOP “Anti-Ideological”?

Or is it highly ideological?
Damon Linker
June 7, 2023 5:31 am

Is the GOP Tiptoeing Toward Normality?

It’s too soon to breathe easy, but something is stirring.
Mona Charen
June 2, 2023 5:31 am

The House GOP’s Antagonism Caucus

They’re not a loyal opposition. They’re a thoughtless—and dangerous—opposition.
William Saletan
May 25, 2023 5:31 am

Kari Lake Caves to Reality, Sort Of

How the defeated Arizonan learned to love the mail-in vote.
Amanda Carpenter
May 22, 2023 5:13 am

The GOP Is in an Abusive Relationship with Trump

No matter how horrible Trump is to women, Republicans’ opinions are baked in.
Sarah Longwell
May 15, 2023 10:35 pm

Here Comes the “Biden Kill List”

House Oversight Chair James Comer implies his “informant” might have been killed by the Bidens.
Tim Miller