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GOP (page 6)

June 2, 2022 5:30 am

What Makes a Republican a “RINO”?

When the ideology is not the orthodoxy.
William Saletan
May 19, 2022 5:30 am

Will the National GOP Go the Way of the California GOP?

Six years of lying and conspiracy theories are threatening the Republican suburban-rural electoral coalition across the country.
Brent Orrell
April 19, 2022 5:30 am

Steve King Finds the Low Road Is a Lonely Road

Two years after his odious views cost him his seat in Congress, he wants to justify, blame, and excuse.
Jim Swift
April 13, 2022 5:30 am

Michigan Gets Crazy

A fight for the future of the Macomb County GOP.
Jim Swift
February 15, 2022 5:30 am

Will Texas Re-Elect America’s Craziest Attorney General?

Ken Paxton’s greatest political asset is his fanatical Trumpism.
Corbin Barthold
February 14, 2022 3:36 pm

Lindsey Graham Knows How to Stand Up to Strongmen. Unless They’re Republicans.

Most Republicans in Congress have a clear understanding of Vladimir Putin: He’s a predator, and the only way to stop…

William Saletan
February 10, 2022 9:58 am

How Wisconsin’s GOP Is Losing Its Mind

Plus: The Gazpacho Police!
Charlie Sykes
February 9, 2022 9:42 am

A GOP Crackup?

Plus: Brave Sir Kevin runs away.
Charlie Sykes
February 4, 2022 9:55 am

The RNC Joins the Insurrection

Plus: The return of Corey.
Charlie Sykes
January 14, 2022 5:30 am

The Huge Florida Retirement Community That Still Can’t Get Enough of Trump

They’ll build shrines to him. They’ll commit electoral fraud for him. But there’s an irony in the love of The…
William W. Steiner