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Ideas, Arts, and Culture

December 1, 2023 5:32 am

The Lessons of the WASPs

Is it possible to reinvigorate the virtues that characterized the old American elite at its best, while leaving their vices…
Alec Dent
December 1, 2023 5:32 am

A Great Historian’s Inner History

Peter Brown’s remarkable memoir attests to the extraordinary powers of imagination he used to reconceive the study of late antiquity.
Jeff Reimer
December 1, 2023 5:32 am

Here’s Why You Should Care About Napoleon More Than You Do

We’re still living in the world that emerged from his paradoxes.
Cathy Young
November 30, 2023 5:32 am

‘Saltburn’ Review

Class and coveting in ‘Saltburn,’ starring Barry Keoghan.
Sonny Bunch
November 29, 2023 5:32 am

‘Napoleon’ Review

You expect epic and get epic. You don’t quite expect the comedy.
Sonny Bunch
November 23, 2023 5:20 am

‘The Highest Appreciation Is Not to Utter Words But to Live by Them’

“Let us be humbly thankful for inherited ideals” and resolve to share “those ideals with our fellow human beings throughout…
John F. Kennedy
November 22, 2023 5:32 am

When Historians Complain About Movies

There are lessons in all the griping and sniping over Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon.’
David Head
November 22, 2023 5:32 am

Indians and the American Story

Ned Blackhawk’s award-winning history of suffering and survival.
Peter C. Meilaender
November 22, 2023 5:32 am

Why Jacqueline Kennedy Dreaded Going to Dallas

Remembering the first lady on the sixtieth anniversary of a day of national and personal tragedy.
Paul Brandus
November 21, 2023 5:32 am

The Day My Father Scared America

Forty years after ‘The Day After,’ can we have cohesive national moments anymore?
A.B. Stoddard