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January 28, 2023 12:00 pm

Producer Dean Devlin Goes (Back) to Space

Listen now (28 min) | On his new SyFy show 'The Ark' and the evolving business of showbiz.
Sonny Bunch
January 27, 2023 2:00 pm

The Razzies Are Dumb and Bad

Plus: an Oscar favorite assigned!
Sonny Bunch
January 21, 2023 9:12 am

PaleyFest’s Secret Weapon: Love

Listen now (40 min) | Rene Reyes on programming the year's most fun celebration of television.
Sonny Bunch
January 20, 2023 2:00 pm

Alec Baldwin v. Alec Baldwin: an Actor Failed by His Producer

Plus: A trip to swinging London, assigned!
Sonny Bunch
January 14, 2023 12:00 pm

Scientifically Measuring Movie Love

Listen now (51 min) | Kevin Goetz on how studios determine what will play in movie theaters.
Sonny Bunch
January 13, 2023 2:01 pm

In Praise of the Dumb, Blunt Movie Name

Plus: a curmudgeonly classic, assigned.
Sonny Bunch
January 6, 2023 2:00 pm

Should Studios Pull the Plug on Prestige?

Plus: a manic study in decadence and decline, assigned!
Sonny Bunch
December 23, 2022 2:00 pm

The Future in One Word: ‘Sports Rights’

Plus: A 'Mystery' Assigned.
Sonny Bunch
December 22, 2022 10:15 am

The Science of High Frame Rate, Explained

Tony Davis rejoins the show to talk about the movie magic behind 'Avatar: The Way of Water.'
Sonny Bunch
December 16, 2022 2:00 pm

Adam Sandler: Comic Genius

Plus: a 'Crime' assigned!
Sonny Bunch