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Beg to Differ (Ad-free) Episodes

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Oct 7, 2022 · 64 Mins
Courting Trouble? (with Prof. Steve Vladeck)
Prof. Steve Vladeck joins the group (plus Bill Kristol) to consider how far the Supreme…
Sep 30, 2022 · 63 Mins
Our Unchristian Churches (with Peter Wehner)
Peter Wehner joins the group to discuss populism’s rise in Europe, the crisis in evangelical…
Sep 23, 2022 · 58 Mins
Trump and Putin Both Had a Bad Week (with Benjamin Wittes)
Benjamin Wittes joins the panel (including Will Saletan) to discuss Trump’s triple legal woes, Putin’s…
Sep 16, 2022 · 62 Mins
Imagining Victory (with Noah Smith)
Noah Smith joins the group to consider Ukraine’s stunning counterattack, as well as inflation and…
Sep 9, 2022 · 65 Mins
Reading Midterm Tea Leaves (with Josh Barro)
Josh Barro joins the group to reflect on Queen Elizabeth, analyze President Biden’s democracy speech,…
Sep 2, 2022 · 61 Mins
He Is a Sucking Black Hole of Disaster (with Megan McArdle)
Republicans know the ‘Trump magic’ isn’t working, so when is the party going to get…
Aug 26, 2022 · 66 Mins
How to Defeat Putin . . . and Trump (with Eric Edelman)
Eric Edelman joins the panel to discuss how to help Ukraine win. The panel also…
Aug 19, 2022 · 57 Mins
I’m Sorry, That’s Classified
Former CIA officer David Priess joins the group to consider Trump’s secrets squirreled away in…
Aug 12, 2022 · 57 Mins
GOP vs. Rule of Law (with Ted Nordhaus)
Ted Nordhaus of the Breakthrough Institute answers doubts about nuclear energy. And the panel (including…
Aug 5, 2022 · 54 Mins
Kansas Shocker (with A.B. Stoddard)
A.B. Stoddard helps analyze the primary election results and also the 2024 question: If not…