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Beg to Differ

Beg to Differ is a weekly roundtable podcast brought to you by The Bulwark. Host Mona Charen is joined by Linda Chavez of the Niskanen Center, Bill Galston of the Brookings Institution, and Damon Linker of The Week to discuss the news of the week in a respectful, rational forum.

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Beg to Differ Episodes

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June 24, 2022 · 63 Minutes
“Wintry realism.” (with David Frum)
The Atlantic’s David Frum joins the group to discuss the January 6 committee’s purpose and…
June 17, 2022 · 77 Minutes
Republicans are Dangerous; Democrats are Ineffectual (with Charlie Sykes)
Charlie Sykes joins the group to discuss the January 6 hearings, Biden’s record, and inflation…
June 10, 2022 · 69 Minutes
Is Biden Too Old for a Second Term? (with Matt Bennett)
Third Way’s Matt Bennett help dissect the primaries so far, the January 6 hearings, and…
June 3, 2022 · 67 Minutes
Is Gun Control Futile? (with David French)
David French joins the group this week to consider gun control efforts, the gun culture,…
May 27, 2022 · 68 Minutes
Drowning in Guns under Minority Rule (with A.B. Stoddard)
Guest host A.B. Stoddard joins guests Tom Nichols, Yahoo News’ Jon Ward, and regular Linda…
May 20, 2022 · 66 Minutes
The Challenge of Diversity (with Yascha Mounk)
Yascha Mounk joins the panel to talk about the optimistic case for diverse democracies —…
May 13, 2022 · 76 Minutes
Voting Rights and Abortion Rights (with Ben Ginsberg)
Election law expert Ben Ginsberg offers insight on threats to confidence in elections. The panel…
May 6, 2022 · 75 Minutes
Abortion and Climate. Can We Get More Contentious? (with Robert Pindyck)
MIT’s Robert Pindyck shares wisdom on climate and joins the discussion of the Roe draft…
April 29, 2022 · 70 Minutes
A Macron Moment in the US? (with guest host Josh Barro)
Guest Host Josh Barro and the panel discuss the French elections, and the possibility of…
April 22, 2022 · 72 Minutes
Jared vs. Hunter
Arc Digital’s Nicholas Grossman joins the group to consider the mask mandate, the corruption of…