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Beg to Differ Episodes

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Mar 3, 2023 · 60 Mins
Chicago’s Message
Axios’s Josh Kraushaar helps analyze the lab leak story, the Chicago election results, and Trump…
Feb 24, 2023 · 70 Mins
The North Koreans Do a More Nuanced Show
Jill Lawrence joins B2D to discuss the revelations about Fox News, Biden vs. DeSantis on…
Feb 17, 2023 · 60 Mins
Is Everyone Underestimating Nikki Haley?
Bill Kristol joins the group to consider Haley’s possible hidden strengths. Also, Biden, the GOP,…
Feb 10, 2023 · 64 Mins
State of Biden Is . . . Strong? But Kamala Harris, Not So Much
New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait helps evaluate the SOTU: politics, visuals, and substance. The group…
Feb 3, 2023 · 57 Mins
What if DeSantis Can’t Hack It?
The Atlantic’s David Frum joins the panel to discuss the coming GOP nomination fight, the…
Jan 27, 2023 · 54 Mins
Does NATO Want Ukraine to Win the War?
The George W. Bush Institute’s David Kramer joins B2D to consider the decision (at last)…
Jan 20, 2023 · 69 Mins
The Marjorie Taylor Greene Majority
The Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein joins the group to discuss Kevin McCarthy giving the crazies the…
Jan 13, 2023 · 65 Mins
Classified Shmasified
Arc Digital’s Nick Grossman joins the group to discuss Biden’s classified documents mess, the GOP…
Jan 6, 2023 · 64 Mins
McCarthy Sells His Soul for Nothing
Charlie Sykes joins B2D to discuss the House soap opera — from the comical to…
Dec 23, 2022 · 70 Mins
How to Disempower the Extremists
Katherine Gehl — the originator of Alaska’s Ranked Choice Voting system — discusses progress on…