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Just Between Us

Charlie and Mona unburden themselves on this Bulwark+ members-only podcast.

Just Between Us Episodes

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Sep 26, 2023 · 70 Mins
Bulwark Goes to Austin
Charlie, Mona, Tim, and Bill did a panel at the Texas Tribune Festival. Also, Mona…
Sep 19, 2023 · 36 Mins
Our Malignant Narcissist Overlords
Charlie and Mona talk about the UAW, Trump’s abortion pivot, and dark musings on Trump…
Sep 12, 2023 · 41 Mins
I Want What Mona is Smoking
Charlie and Mona beg to differ about Biden’s Hanoi press conference, but agree on immigration,…
Sep 5, 2023 · 33 Mins
How Biden Can Handle the Age Issue
Charlie and Mona don’t think there’s any feasible alternative to Biden but offer unsolicited advice…
Aug 29, 2023 · 35 Mins
Mr. Trump, They Are Laughing at You
Charlie and Mona discuss the incentives for GOP House members, the distinction between liars and…
Aug 22, 2023 · 40 Mins
Crazy and Cruel
Charlie and Mona speculate about Vivek’s rise and the appetite for crazy and cruel in…
Aug 15, 2023 · 29 Mins
Are Georgia Republicans Different?
Charlie and Mona consider the differences between the Georgia indictment and the others and pause…
Aug 8, 2023 · 40 Mins
Caligula is Returning
Charlie and Mona are looking forward to the (timely?) return of I, Claudius on BBC.…
Aug 1, 2023 · 37 Mins
Can Mona Talk Charlie off the Ledge?
DeSantis’s stupid strategy, the saving 25% of the GOP, and Justice Alito — right wing…
Jul 18, 2023 · 37 Mins
Orange Jumpsuit Man?
Jack Smith strikes again. Charlie and Mona talk about delegitimizing institutions, cults of personality, and…