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Shield of the Republic Episodes

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May 4, 2022 · 47 Mins
The War’s Decisive Moment
Eric and Eliot dissect the war in Ukraine and discuss Eliot’s articles in the Atlantic…
Apr 28, 2022 · 54 Mins
Security in the Indo-Pacific (with Charlie Edel)
Eliot and Eric welcome Charlie Edel, Australia Chair at the Center for Strategic and International…
Apr 12, 2022 · 50 Mins
War, Myth-making, and Democracy (with Elizabeth Samet)
Eliot and Eric host Professor Elizabeth Samet of the US Military Academy to discuss her…
Mar 31, 2022 · 43 Mins
The Ancients Illuminate Modern Statecraft (with Barry Strauss)
Shield of the Republic is a Bulwark podcast co-sponsored by the Miller Center of Public…
Mar 24, 2022 · 43 Mins
Why can’t we admit that Ukraine is winning?
Eric and Eliot consider the first month of Russia-Ukraine War and Eliot’s Atlantic article on…
Mar 17, 2022 · 47 Mins
Zelensky, Churchill, Reagan (with Andrew Roberts)
Eric and Eliot host British author and historian Andrew Roberts and discuss his revisionist account…
Mar 3, 2022 · 46 Mins
Joe Biden, War President (with Kori Schake)
Eric and Eliot host Kori Schake of the American Enterprise Institute. They discuss civil-military relations,…
Feb 25, 2022 · 46 Mins
Russia As a Pariah State
Eric and Eliot discuss Putin’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine, what Eliot heard at…
Feb 15, 2022 · 45 Mins
Neo-Maosim in China (with Jude Blanchette)
Eliot and Eric host CSIS’s Jude Blanchette to discuss Neo-Maosim in China, the impact of…
Feb 2, 2022 · 54 Mins
Secret Origin Story
Eliot returns from travels to discuss the secret origin story of the Shield of the…