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Oct 18, 2023 · 44 Mins
Ryan Reilly: The Sleuths Who Helped Nab Jan 6 Rioters
Ordinary Americans pored through reams of digital evidence to ID hundreds of people who stormed…
Oct 17, 2023 · 39 Mins
Kara Swisher: Legislative Terrorist
Jim Jordan spent the weekend bullying moderates, but threatening shame on social media and Fox…
Oct 16, 2023 · 44 Mins
Will Saletan: Don’t Forget Who Jim Jordan Is
Jordan was not just another Republican who voted against the election—he was behind the scenes…
Oct 13, 2023 · 54 Mins
Tom Nichols: Testing the System ‘Til It Breaks
The Republicans elevated fringe players who have no interest in governing, and now they don’t…
Oct 12, 2023 · 42 Mins
An Undue Risk of Conviction
Jack Smith signaled he will be able to prove why Trump held onto the classified…
Oct 11, 2023 · 40 Mins
Susan Glasser: A Superpower in Crisis
The U.S. is knee-deep in the war in Ukraine, and now another potentially enormous war…
Oct 10, 2023 · 43 Mins
Steve Inskeep: Kevin Is No Lincoln
Lincoln’s political skills were a key part of his legacy, but the politics he practiced…
Oct 9, 2023 · 47 Mins
Will Saletan: Israel’s 9/11
The attack by Hamas Israel was barbaric, but the incursion—by land, sea, and air—was also…
Oct 6, 2023 · 49 Mins
The GOP’s Rubik’s Cube for Morons
The Republicans have been on a trajectory to get a Jim Jordan-style speaker for 11…
Oct 5, 2023 · 39 Mins
The Crazed Slavering Jackal Caucus
The Crazed Slavering Jackal Caucus is running the GOP. Plus, Giuliani’s drinking may undermine Trump’s…