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Jan 19, 2023 · 45 Mins
Michael Schmidt: “I Didn’t Know They Made People Like That”
Before John Kelly became chief of staff, he thought the chaos at the White House…
Jan 18, 2023 · 35 Mins
Bill Kristol: Glimmers of Hope
The shift in attitudes about defense and foreign policy in Germany has been dramatic since…
Jan 17, 2023 · 46 Mins
David French: Our Religious Freedoms Are Not Hanging by a Thread
New York Times-bound David French tells Charlie Sykes how he re-thought same-sex marriage, how he…
Jan 16, 2023 · 43 Mins
Will Saletan: Performative Garbage
Ron-anon Johnson wanted to get beat up on “Meet the Press” — so he could…
Jan 13, 2023 · 33 Mins
Michael Steele: Slapping Matt Schlapp
Former RNC Chair Michael Steele had a front-row seat for the start of the ugly…
Jan 12, 2023 · 38 Mins
Adam Kinzinger: Detoxing from Congress
Watching from a distance, former Rep. Kinzinger tells Charlie Sykes that House moderates have a…
Jan 11, 2023 · 39 Mins
Aaron Blake: Kevin McCarthy Is Keeping a Secret
Without his secret pact, Kevin McCarthy likely would not be Speaker. Now, the American public…
Jan 10, 2023 · 38 Mins
Olivia Nuzzi: Has Trump Become Norma Desmond?
Trump rarely leaves his ‘weird’ smelling, moldy mansion, he seems bored and tired, and D-List…
Jan 9, 2023 · 49 Mins
Will Saletan: Expect More Hostage-Taking in the House
McCarthy paid the ransom, Bannon is openly supporting violence in Brazil, and even normie Republicans…
Jan 6, 2023 · 49 Mins
A.B. Stoddard: A Desperate Man
The hijackers have the energy in the House, Biden is quietly succeeding, no-mentum Trump’s biggest…