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Jan 17, 2024 · 46 Mins
Tina Nguyen: The MAGA Diaries
The young people who show up at CPAC and Turning Point events are there because…
Jan 16, 2024 · 42 Mins
A.B. Stoddard: Dead Ends after Iowa
Almost half of Iowa’s caucus-goers voted for someone besides Trump—evidence that a criminal defendant preaching…
Jan 15, 2024 · 58 Mins
Will Saletan: The GOP Surrenders before 1st Vote
Republicans are racing to bow the knee before the Iowa caucuses even start, while also…
Jan 12, 2024 · 37 Mins
Karen Tumulty: The World’s Biggest Victim
As Trump prepares to clean up in the Iowa caucuses, his campaign narrative has shifted…
Jan 11, 2024 · 39 Mins
The MAGA Pathology
Chris Christie dropping out shows that one party is at war with the idea of…
Jan 10, 2024 · 41 Mins
Mark Hertling: Defending American Values
While North Korea has jumped in to arm Russia, Republicans in Congress are dallying over…
Jan 9, 2024 · 38 Mins
Tim O’Brien: The Most Corrupt President. Ever.
Trump is hoping for a market crash on Biden’s watch, vowing revenge prosecutions, and plotting…
Jan 8, 2024 · 55 Mins
Will Saletan: Erasing History
Jan 6 insurrectionists are innocent, and the Art of the Deal guy could’ve taught Lincoln…
Jan 5, 2024 · 50 Mins
Tom Nichols: Claudine Gay Had to Go
Harvard was justified in protecting its academic standards and the institution itself. But people like…
Jan 4, 2024 · 47 Mins
What Will the Supreme Court Do?
The Supreme Court will have to take up the decisions by Colorado and Maine to…