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June 30, 2022 · 44 Minutes
Tim O’Brien: Trump Has Always Been a Drama Queen
Trump doesn’t care that Jan 6 was an assault on democracy and the Constitution. He…
June 29, 2022 · 44 Minutes
David Priess: A Damning Witness
A White House insider straight out of central casting took congressional testimony to a whole…
June 28, 2022 · 44 Minutes
Tim Miller: Mea culpa. Really.
“America never would have gotten into this mess if it weren’t for me and my…
June 27, 2022 · 46 Minutes
The Post-Roe World Is Now
Amanda Carpenter and Will Saletan are back for Summer Monday to discuss the new post-Roe…
June 24, 2022 · 53 Minutes
Ben Wittes: Roe/Coups/Guns
The Supreme Court reoriented our understanding of fundamental rights today. Now come the fights over…
June 23, 2022 · 49 Minutes
Bill Kristol: Why We Were Alarmed
Ron Johnson has no good explanation for why his staff tried to hand fake electors…
June 22, 2022 · 55 Minutes
Greg Lukianoff: Democracy Can Handle Free Speech
Roughly 700 professors have been targeted for firing in recent years for something they said…
June 21, 2022 · 38 Minutes
Denver Riggleman: How the 1/6 Committee could succeed
The Qanon election conspiracy runs deep and wide, and the Jan 6 committee will succeed…
June 20, 2022 · 57 Minutes
Will Saletan: A More Clever Autocrat Would Keep his Mouth Shut
Trump is only proving the January 6 committee’s point. And Mike Pence put his own…
June 17, 2022 · 52 Minutes
Tim Miller: Mike Pence Must Testify
Mike Pence: Your career is over anyway. Put a stake in the heart of the…