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Dec 12, 2022 · 32 Mins
Adam Kinzinger: The Torch Is Now with the DOJ (Encore Episode)
Even with some key figures refusing to testify, the Jan 6 committee still was able…
Dec 9, 2022 · 54 Mins
Tim Miller: Nazis Bad, Constitution Good
Brittney Griner is home, Sinema does the Angus King thing, Republicans pass on a “Get…
Dec 8, 2022 · 45 Mins
A.B. Stoddard: A Most Delicious Circular Firing Squad
Republicans need someone to blame besides Trump, so Laura Ingraham is turning on the RNC,…
Dec 7, 2022 · 48 Mins
Mark Leibovich: DeSantis Is Not the Savior
Republicans are big mad about Herschel’s loss, but they won’t name the guy who got…
Dec 6, 2022 · 51 Mins
Kori Schake: Rejecting Authoritarianism
The protesters in Iran have the wind in their sails, China is no longer likely…
Dec 5, 2022 · 41 Mins
Will Saletan: Saying the Quiet Part Blaringly Out Loud
Trump has upped the ante from sedition to Nazis and terminating the Constitution — and…
Dec 2, 2022 · 55 Mins
Tim Miller: A Week Full of Nazis
Kanye not only ruined the cover story on Trump’s Nazi dinner, he also wrecked Tucker’s…
Dec 1, 2022 · 39 Mins
Dana Milbank: Even Kevin McCarthy Doesn’t Trust Kevin McCarthy
If he can round up the support to be speaker, McCarthy is still going to…
Nov 30, 2022 · 50 Mins
Ben Wittes: The Worst Story We Told Ourselves Was True
January 6 was not merely a conspiracy to break windows and storm the Capitol —…
Nov 29, 2022 · 45 Mins
Peter Wehner: Turning on Trump for the Wrong Reason
The Republican establishment scolding Trump has little to do with morality and everything to do…