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Jan 8, 2024 · 55 Mins
Will Saletan: Erasing History
Jan 6 insurrectionists are innocent, and the Art of the Deal guy could’ve taught Lincoln…
Jan 5, 2024 · 50 Mins
Tom Nichols: Claudine Gay Had to Go
Harvard was justified in protecting its academic standards and the institution itself. But people like…
Jan 4, 2024 · 47 Mins
What Will the Supreme Court Do?
The Supreme Court will have to take up the decisions by Colorado and Maine to…
Jan 3, 2024 · 42 Mins
Susan Glasser: The Fever Won’t Break
The Trump experience can’t just be undone—we are a different country now, and we’re not…
Jan 2, 2024 · 45 Mins
Will Saletan: The Guts to Tell the Truth
Chris Christie makes clear he’s not dropping out, because Nikki Haley is not the one…
Dec 22, 2023 · 24 Mins
The Day After: The Night My Father Scared America
ABC’s The Day After, the 1983 drama about a nuclear strike on America, was the…
Dec 21, 2023 · 41 Mins
Sam Wasson: A Francis Ford Coppola Story
Coppola is like a Method actor behind the camera—living the movie to make the movie.…
Dec 20, 2023 · 54 Mins
Yair Rosenberg: Israel Is Not a White Colonial State
The left is lazily applying American ideas about racial identity and intersectionality to the Israeli-Palestinian…
Dec 19, 2023 · 36 Mins
Anne Applebaum: The Irreparable Damage of a Second Term
Anne Applebaum discusses a ray of hope in Europe with the defeat of Poland’s authoritarian…
Dec 18, 2023 · 40 Mins
Will Saletan: Trump Is Anti-America
On the stump in New Hampshire, Trump parroted Putin condemning the American political system. Plus,…