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Apr 19, 2023 · 50 Mins
Tina Nguyen: The Cost of Fox’s Lies
The unsettling Dominion settlement, DeSantis is not fooling MAGA, and the “Taliban 20″—who demanded ransom…
Apr 18, 2023 · 52 Mins
Michael Steele: Confronting the Ugliness
Oklahoma sheriffs pining for lynching, Tennessee legislators trying to teach young Black men a lesson,…
Apr 17, 2023 · 55 Mins
Will Saletan: What Are You Grooming These Kids to Be?
At the annual NRA meeting, Kristi Noem bragged about her 2-year-old granddaughter’s rifle, while other…
Apr 14, 2023 · 46 Mins
Dylan Byers: The Media Trial of the Century?
Dominion v. Fox is not only about defamation—it’s also about the erosion of truth at…
Apr 13, 2023 · 45 Mins
Mark Hertling: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Gamer
The military runs on young soldiers, and sometimes, chatroom braggarts who want to share classified…
Apr 12, 2023 · 46 Mins
John Harwood: Our Cartoonish Politics
Trump may excel at firing up resentment in the base, but the party is squandering…
Apr 11, 2023 · 48 Mins
Peter Wehner: A Grotesque Leader of a Grotesque Party
Too many GOP leaders failed to grasp that going along with Trump would increase his…
Apr 10, 2023 · 62 Mins
Will Saletan: The GOP’s Abortion Quagmire
Republicans have boxed themselves in on abortion, but citing Trump as precedent for ignoring the…
Apr 7, 2023 · 59 Mins
Tim Miller: Tennessee’s Idiocracy
The Tennessee GOP lives in such a bubble, they thought it was a good idea…
Apr 6, 2023 · 62 Mins
Jeff Sharlet: Scenes from a Slow Civil War
In the parts of the country where Ashli Babbitt is a martyr, pastors glorify guns,…