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Apr 14, 2022 · 38 Mins
Amanda Carpenter: The Senate Is the World’s Greatest Retirement Home
Some of Dianne Feinstein’s colleagues say she’s no longer fit to serve. Meanwhile, McConnell’s backing…
Apr 13, 2022 · 44 Mins
Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Fascism 2.0
Like Hitler and Mussolini before him, Putin’s acting with hubris and arrogance because he’s been…
Apr 12, 2022 · 45 Mins
Jonathan Chait: More MAGA than MAGA
The parts of the Republican Party that see Trump as a political liability are setting…
Apr 11, 2022 · 48 Mins
Will Saletan: Who Will Get Lindseyed Next?
Trump couldn’t resist endorsing fellow TV huckster Dr. Oz, despite PA Senate candidate David McMormick…
Apr 8, 2022 · 55 Mins
Tim Miller: Mitch McConnell Has No Moral Red Lines
McConnell calling out Trump for January 6 had nothing to do with morals. Also on…
Apr 7, 2022 · 55 Mins
Tom Nichols: Where Putin Might Use Nukes
When one-third of the House GOP is voting against NATO, McCarthy’s lost control. Meanwhile CPAC…
Apr 6, 2022 · 52 Mins
Josh Kraushaar: Democrats Are Bracing for a Republican Wave
The Democrats are the more sane party, but their self-inflicted wounds have created the most…
Apr 5, 2022 · 53 Mins
Lis Smith: Why Democrats Should Go on Fox News
Polls show independents think Democrats are condescending and out of touch. The best way to…
Apr 4, 2022 · 50 Mins
Bill Kristol: Biden Was Right — Putin Must Be Removed from Power
After Bucha, Russia has to be defeated, and Putin’s removal from power has to be…
Apr 1, 2022 · 55 Mins
Tim Miller: I’d Like to Smack DeSantis … But I Won’t
“Don’t Say Gay” is giving panhandle Karens permission to spout anti-gay and anti-transgender rhetoric, and…