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Sep 1, 2022 · 53 Mins
James Carville: Better Constipated than Evil
Come for the West Wing fantasy politics, stay for the Carville-isms, like: “Really stupid voters…
Aug 31, 2022 · 65 Mins
Bakari Sellers & Lis Smith: Can Dems Do Better in Red America?
Enough unforced errors, Democrats: 1. Get mayors to talk up the infrastructure & inflation bills.…
Aug 30, 2022 · 54 Mins
Alex Holder: A Weird, Simple Man
Trump lives in a world where he can’t understand anything other than total and absolute…
Aug 29, 2022 · 57 Mins
Will Saletan: Biden Is Playing to the Middle
Biden hits MAGA Republicans hard, threatening to riot in the streets if your guy gets…
Aug 26, 2022 · 66 Mins
Tim Miller: Wait, Are You Getting Squishy?
Blake Masters is dog paddling away from a personhood amendment, the term “pro-life” is in…
Aug 25, 2022 · 47 Mins
James Hohmann: The Dems’ Squad Fatigue
Four years after AOC’s surprise win, the pendulum is swinging back to moderates, turnout in…
Aug 24, 2022 · 46 Mins
Elliot Ackerman: Leaving Afghanistan, One Year Later
With no evacuation plan in place to get Afghan allies out of Kabul, people like…
Aug 23, 2022 · 50 Mins
Nicole Hemmer: When the Line between Politics and Entertainment Disappeared
Republicans cling to the idea they are members of the party of Reagan, but Reaganism…
Aug 22, 2022 · 49 Mins
Amanda Carpenter: Need to Know
Liz Cheney is campaigning against election deniers, Republicans were too arrogant about a red wave,…
Aug 19, 2022 · 51 Mins
Tim Miller: Sad Turtle Mitch
McConnell sounds like a man who’s lost control of his party, rising MAGA star Kari…