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Sep 19, 2023 · 44 Mins
Ruy Teixeira: Biden’s Working Class Blues
The system feels rigged for the millionaires and the billionaires, and the populist red lights…
Sep 18, 2023 · 48 Mins
Will Saletan: In Defense of Kristen Welker
Trump threw the pro-life movement under the bus in his NBC interview, and essentially pleaded…
Sep 15, 2023 · 42 Mins
Anne Applebaum: Musk Buys Russia’s Lies
The billionaire was duped by Russian nuclear propaganda, but he’s not the only one in…
Sep 14, 2023 · 50 Mins
Did the FBI Get a Pass on Jan 6?
Romney’s text message to Mitch McConnell renews questions about what law enforcement knew ahead of…
Sep 13, 2023 · 51 Mins
A.B. Stoddard: McCarthy’s Month from Hell
The speaker is trying to sate the MAGA wing with a sham impeachment, and maybe…
Sep 12, 2023 · 39 Mins
James Hohmann: Kevin in a Vise
McCarthy has caved on an impeachment inquiry so he can hold onto his gavel. Meanwhile,…
Sep 11, 2023 · 50 Mins
Will Saletan: Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier
Biden giving a press conference while jet-lagged may not quell rising concerns about his age.…
Sep 8, 2023 · 52 Mins
Tim Miller: Down to Clown
Tucker is in some corner of Elon’s basement testing to see what he can get…
Sep 7, 2023 · 52 Mins
Trump Keeps Admitting His Crimes
Trump did himself no favors talking to Hugh Hewitt, the Proud Boys could’ve spared themselves…
Sep 6, 2023 · 48 Mins
Adam Kinzinger: Trump Ignited the Proud Boys
Never forget it was Donald Trump telling the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand…