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Aug 16, 2022 · 45 Mins
Charlie Warzel: Alex Jones’ Footprint of Misery
From Trump to Tucker, figures on the far-right are cribbing from the Alex Jones’ playbook…
Aug 15, 2022 · 56 Mins
Will Saletan: They Keep Negotiating with Their Own Hostage-Takers
Magic declassification wand or feds planted the docs? And after a week of attacks on…
Aug 12, 2022 · 43 Mins
Jonathan Martin: Liz Cheney’s Political Awakening
Liz Cheney is sacrificing her seat to get charges brought against Trump, the smoke’s clearing…
Aug 11, 2022 · 44 Mins
Dana Milbank: The 25-Year Crack-Up of the GOP
The lies, conspiracies, demonizing, and sedition didn’t start with Trump. The Newt Gingrich era set…
Aug 10, 2022 · 48 Mins
James Wigderson: From Paul Ryan to Paranoia
Ron Johnson keeps doubling down on all his crackpot ideas, but he couldn’t have been…
Aug 9, 2022 · 50 Mins
Peter Wehner: The GOP Thinks Trump Is above the Law
Trump supporters who slammed the left for Defund the Police now want to Defund the…
Aug 8, 2022 · 55 Mins
Will Saletan: It’s Not Just Trump, It’s Party-Wide
Republicans may love Trump because “he fights,” but CPAC showed that a lust for violence…
Aug 5, 2022 · 65 Mins
Tim Miller: When Bad Things Happen to Bad People
On the weekend pod: Alex Jones’ bad week was cathartic, Orban’s a troll, and Biden…
Aug 4, 2022 · 44 Mins
Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and Andrew Yang: Who’s up for a Third Party?
Leaders of Forward — the new national third party — think they have the answers…
Aug 3, 2022 · 51 Mins
Josh Kraushaar: If Only You’d Been Warned
Arizona Republicans doubled down on the crazy, voters in very red Kansas turned out in…