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The Focus Group

Unfiltered, uncompromising, unexpected—The Focus Group is a look into what the average voter thinks about politics, policy, and current events. Sarah Longwell, publisher of The Bulwark, has conducted hundreds of hours of focus groups all across the country. She and a series of special guests will take you behind the glass to hear what real focus group participants have to say.

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The Focus Group Episodes

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June 25, 2022 · 51 Minutes
Trump Voters Don’t Want Trump (with Amanda Carpenter)
We had planned to focus this episode on the January 6 Committee hearings. Sarah and…
June 11, 2022 · 48 Minutes
Grumpy Old Men, Part II (2024, with Josh Kraushaar)
Ready or not, the 2024 election is right around the corner. Donald Trump is set…
June 4, 2022 · 48 Minutes
“I Don’t Normally Cry in Focus Groups” (Roe, with Rachel Vindman)
The Supreme Court’s leaked opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade may or may not…
May 28, 2022 · 46 Minutes
Happy Pundit Accountability Day! (with Will Saletan)
We’re taking stock after a wild run of May primaries. We laughed, we cried, and…
May 21, 2022 · 49 Minutes
The Devil Goes Down to Georgia (and Alabama, with Tim Miller)
A devil has the Republican Party’s soul, but not all of his endorsed candidates are…
May 14, 2022 · 48 Minutes
Pennsylvania: “Is He Full of Sh*t?” (with Holly Otterbein)
 The Pennsylvania Senate race might just be the craziest of 2022. There’s a Bernie guy…
May 9, 2022 · 54 Minutes
Unfiltered and Uncut: Special Episode
Sarah has Covid, so we’re doing something a little different this week. Rather than bring…
May 2, 2022 · 41 Minutes
Ohio: A MAGA Murderers’ Row (with Dave Weigel)
Folks: it’s primary season! The Ohio U.S. Senate primary is tomorrow, and it’s been…less than…
April 25, 2022 · 39 Minutes
Andrew Yang: Will Trump and Biden Birth a Third Party?
In 2024, we may be re-running the 2020 election with two very unpopular and very…
April 18, 2022 · 51 Minutes
The Asterisk Follows Us (with Dr. Ted Johnson)
Supreme Court nominations are polarizing nowadays, and President Biden’s nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson…