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The Next Level Podcast Episodes

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January 12, 2022 · 63 Minutes
Biden Goes Down to Georgia
Sarah, Tim, and JVL talk about Biden’s voting rights push, the rise of anti-vax Republicans,…
January 5, 2022 · 53 Minutes
The Ghost of Insurrection Past
Sarah, Tim, and JVL talk about the roots of insurrection, why Republican elites went back…
December 8, 2021 · 69 Minutes
A French Cocktail Party
Sarah, Tim, and JVL talk about GA MAGA, Pete Meijer, and A French Village. Thank…
December 1, 2021 · 55 Minutes
As the Dumpster Fire Burns
The Republican party can’t stomach Charlie Baker, but is two-fists in on MTG. Plus: Sarah…
November 24, 2021 · 47 Minutes
Thanksgiving Discontent
Bill Kristol joins Sarah and JVL to talk about inflation, Dr. Oz, the Fetterman fetish,…
November 17, 2021 · 54 Minutes
Special Report from Real America
Tim regales us with his hair journey and offers on-the-ground reporting from Real America. Sarah…
November 10, 2021 · 46 Minutes
Welcome to Oz
Sarah, Tim, and JVL talk about Chris Sununu, the Pennsylvania Senate race and the promise…
November 3, 2021 · 34 Minutes
Sarah, Tim, and JVL have a Very Special Post-Election Episode. Thank you for subscribing. Leave…
November 2, 2021 · 52 Minutes
By Popular Demand: Dave Chappelle Bonus Episode
Because you demanded it: a special bonus episode in which Sarah, Tim, and Sonny discuss…
October 27, 2021 · 60 Minutes
The Virginia Gut-Check
Sarah, Tim, and JVL talk about the home stretch for McAuliffe-Youngkin, the Facebook Papers, the…