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The Next Level Podcast Episodes

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Dec 7, 2022 · 58 Mins
Free Speech Nudes
Republicans say then-candidate Joe Biden put a torch to First Amendment rights by asking Twitter…
Nov 30, 2022 · 54 Mins
The Traveling Circus of Nutjobs (with Sonny Bunch)
Trump’s dinner from hell with anti-semites has more republicans questioning his judgement … again. Plus,…
Nov 23, 2022 · 42 Mins
Club Q: Another Tragedy
Sarah, Tim and JVL unpack the Colorado Springs shooting that killed five people and injured…
Nov 16, 2022 · 59 Mins
Savoring Kevin McCarthy’s Suffering (with Will Saletan)
Can Kevin McCarthy muster enough Republican support to become Speaker of the House after a…
Nov 9, 2022 · 55 Mins
Democracy Won The Midterms
The results are in (mostly) and the red wave didn’t happen! Democracy appears to have…
Nov 2, 2022 · 57 Mins
Elon’s Twitter Apocalypse
Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter could lead to its demise, while Republicans use the platform…
Oct 31, 2022 · 40 Mins
BONUS: Cucking Around At The Fontainebleau (with Billy Corben)
Billy Corben joins Tim and JVL on this bonus episode of The Next Level to…
Oct 26, 2022 · 60 Mins
Ron DeSantis & Kari Lake: The MAGA King & Queen
Ron DeSantis may be a black hole of charisma, but election denier Kari Lake knows…
Oct 19, 2022 · 48 Mins
He Gets You Hot In A Bad Way
Paul Ryan, who has never been wrong about the direction of his party, says Trump…
Oct 12, 2022 · 56 Mins
Tulsi. Vance. And Yes, Kanye.
JVL, Sarah, and Tim talk Tulsi Gabbard’s departure from the Democratic Party, Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s…