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Bill Lueders

Bill Lueders, former editor and now editor-at-large of The Progressive, is a writer in Madison, Wisconsin.

Articles by Bill Lueders (page 1)

November 29, 2022 5:30 am

Ten Things the GOP Loves About Herschel Walker

Family man. Nimble thinker. Not afraid to be politically incorrect—or simply incorrect. Able to simplify complex issues. What’s not to…
Bill Lueders
November 22, 2022 5:30 am

Trump’s Vision of Two Americas

One is the country under his leadership, the other under Biden’s. Both visions are bleak and completely detached from reality.
Bill Lueders
November 15, 2022 5:30 am

Election Deniers: Down But Not Yet Out

MAGA Republicans pay a price for denying reality. But they didn’t lose everywhere, and they’re not going away.
Bill Lueders
November 7, 2022 4:04 pm

Is the Man Who Attacked Paul Pelosi a Leftist?

Some on the far right are sure of it—along with lots of other things that are demonstrably untrue.
Bill Lueders
November 2, 2022 5:30 am

The Unglamorous Work of Governing

Biden’s labor secretary, Marty Walsh, shows up to do his job day after unexciting day. It’s a reminder of what…
Bill Lueders
October 26, 2022 5:30 am

Republicans Test Their Dumb Luck in Wisconsin

Is treating voters like they're stupid a winning strategy? We'll find out on November 8.
Bill Lueders
October 19, 2022 5:30 am

Attack Ads Are Darkening the Skin Tone of Black Candidates

While those responsible claim innocent technical problems, the larger pattern is consistent. So is the effect: heightened white racial anxieties.
Bill Lueders
October 12, 2022 5:30 am

Kari Lake’s ‘Perfect Answer on Abortion’

Has the GOP candidate for Arizona governor really solved the party’s problem of how to talk about the future of…
Bill Lueders
October 4, 2022 5:30 am

Poor, Poor Pitiful Tim Michels

The GOP candidate for Wisconsin governor has fallen into a capitulation spiral.
Bill Lueders
September 29, 2022 5:30 am

The Neverending Story (of Trump’s Grift)

Trump’s legal troubles have inspired a relentless fundraising campaign. The appeals are grandiose, petulant, cynical—and very effective.
Bill Lueders