Weirdly suspicious indeed.

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On the "stay at home and watch" crowd, they may have big screen tvs and though that may not be the same as watching on big screen in theaters, the tv picture quality, as good as it is, it may be enough to not cough up the scratch to see a movie at a theater.

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I found this movie to be engrossing and unsettling. So much so that I thought about it after watching it. I think it did something that is very, very difficult to do. Which is to show the beating heart of crazy inside the functioning, sane facade. I see Gracie (great name) as a particular kind of crazy .

By crazy I mean a person absolutely intent on doing what s/he wants, at the beck and call of the undiscovered inner nether-reaches, oblivious to the multitude of harms caused, and calling it star-crossed love, or fate, god's will or some such. Selfishness so profound that it's as if other people, with other needs, don't really exist. And putting a very pretty bow on it all - pretty house, pretty cakes, pretty woman.

Same, but to a lesser extent, with Elizabeth, with her 'seeing Gracie,' which necessarily included seducing the sad child-man Joe. But where Gracie's functioning persona exudes warmth, Elizabeth's is the professional actor. The kids are right in their distrust and dislike of her.

Sad Joe is the only one who manages to make any real connection with anyone. He seems to be able to truly care about his son; sitting up there on the roof. While Gracie subtly undermines her daughter: 'You're brave to expose your arms.' Joe is not crazy, but he is damaged ( Leave Joe, leave! )The butterflies are a nice touch I think, just barely not overdone.

Thanks for the discussion guys.

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