Founding Members Fuel Our Growth

Welcome! We introduced new Founding Membership tiers in 2023 to make it easier for you to support the mission of The Bulwark. While Founding Memberships do come with a few extra benefits listed below1, the main purpose of adding these premium tiers is to fuel the growth of The Bulwark and ensure that we can keep most of what we do here unlocked so it reaches the widest possible audience…because you can’t help save democracy from behind a paywall.

Upgrade to Founding

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  • $300 per year

  • Founders Town Hall - a virtual meeting held twice a year with Bulwark staff

  • three free gift subscriptions

  • access to the Founders Lounge

  • invites to informal meetups before a Bulwark Live show


  • All of the above plus,

  • six free gift subscriptions

  • $1200 per year

Become a Founding Member

A monthly payment option is available. To go monthly or for questions email Jim at