Hey Charlie, I'm a little (a little??) behind on the podcast, so am just listening to Monday's ep with JVL today. I think you are wrong about the MLB commissioner inviting TFG to the World Series game - both MLB and the Braves deny inviting him, but said he contacted them and asked to come, and "of course" he was told yes. My theory is that Trump wanted to insert himself into the middle of the tomahawk chop culture war, and so he did.

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On the AMA thing... Yes, it's stupid. BUT... last week Braver Angels did a podcast with vaccine skeptics - one a MAGA dude in rural PA and the other a militant BLM activist in NYC.

The BLM guy was deeply distrustful of the medical establishment. One of his issues was that the government had chosen to prioritize giving vaccines to underserved communities. His take? "When has the government every prioritized black people? Sounds fishy to me"

To him, prioritizing underserved communities is a red flag! There's no winning with extremists of either side. They will always find a reason to discount anything you say.

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There is nothing quite as predictable as an elite writer (looking at you Conor Friedersdorf) telling other people that the cover band of Trump is worth a listen. Full disclosure, I think Libertarians are, for the most part, selfish assholes. The majority of the party is male, white, under 50, mainline protestant, and so beyond circumstances affecting them that they don't really give a damn about anybody else, (save their own families, and I wouldn't swear to that). I have been reading him since he got a contributing gig on Andrew Sullivan's original blog (The Dish).

My frustration though is fully from 20 years before guys like Conor hit the scene. When the R's went all in for using God, Guns and Gays as their rallying cry. What was so noble in that? The demagoguing has been going on for decades with the wink, wink, nod, nod to the racists and the homophobes and every other lowlife that reliably pulled the lever for the R's.

I guess you could go all the way back to the Southern Strategy but In my opinion, Rush Limbaugh was the beginning of the end for the Republicans. He was the devil with which the deal was made. Fox added jet fuel, then Glenn Beck, then Alex Jones, then every other nutter that saw there were Benjamins to be made. DeSantis is just picking about a baton that has been passed since the 80's.

Faustian bargains and their cost...........

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You left out Newt.

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It is interesting that you bring up the AMA this week. Just last week, Columbia University School of Professional Studies advertised a relatively new Master and Certificate programs in Narrative Medicine. As I read the program description what came to mind was how the language describing it would be viewed as inflammatory by the Wisconsin Legislature and would surely lead them to ink more words into the official Wisconsin dictionary of illegal ideas.

A quick search for jobs will find a description at the AMA for a "Restorative Justice and Transformation in Medicine Director" which appears near the top of the Indeed search linked below. The Restorative Justice position is closer to those related in Morning Shots, however, it is worth looking also at the program in Narrative Medicine, and is thus linked below.

Needless to say, the puritans in the Wisconsin Legislature should get started now if they wish to go after Physicians and commissars. As the ring of authoritarian proscriptions expand, we can be mindful of Martin Niemoller's warning and thankful to the Bulwark for assuming the toga from him.



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On the bright side, at least we won't have to worry about averting a Trumpist coup if he wins without one. 🤯🥳

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Since the House Progressives are asserting themselves in a fashion that hurts their own party, much like the Freedom Caucus hurts the GOP, can we give them an appropriate nickname? I am pushing for the Suicide Squad.

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You have my vote.

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I'm with Conor simply because I want to sell my bumper stickers for the '24 primary: "Vote for Ronny so we don't get more of Donny!"

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Elite people/institutions we haven't held accountable for major errors since 2001:

1) Bush/Cheney (missed 9/11, then over-reacted to it)

2) The Pentagon (never looked in the mirror)

3) The intelligence agencies (never looked in the mirror)

4) Wall Street ('08 crisis, wealth inequality)

5) The rich (decadent wealth-hoarding)

6) Corporations (off-shoring jobs, pollution)

7) Right-wing media outlets (mass disinformation, context omission)

8) Hillary Clinton (Benghazi & political careerism)

9) Police union bosses and academy trainers (cops killing unarmed suspects for decades)

10) Mark Zuckerberg (social media & disinformation)

11) Donald J Trump & cronies (obvious)

12) the entire GOP (obvious)

This trend of not holding responsible leaders accountable for bad decisions that affected many started a long time ago, and I don't see it going away anytime soon, mostly because bootlickers on either side of the isle keep circling the wagons to protect these people. If you don't end dynasties and concentrations of power--public OR private--expect more of the same until society fully breaks. Our leaders have been failing us for two decades and we refuse to do anything about it other than suffer their ignorance for another generation or so. Good luck folks!

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The points about why Republican Never Trumpers should not support Gov. DeSantis is dead on correct. By the way, yesterday I received NINE emails from the Trump people wanting money. This is despite the fact I have never given TFG a thin dime, or a thick one either. I used to get like 4 Trump emails a day. Then it was 6. Now it's nearly double digits.

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I received 9 emails and 5 texts. I am a registered republican as I am in a very red state and want say in the primary but I don't vote for republicans in the general election and haven't for over a decade. I have NEVER donated while Trump was in office and I haven't donated in over a decade since the tea partiers took over. The texts are shaming, or tantalizing (win a chance to have dinner with president trump - oh joy) or fear mongering. It is disgusting but I guess it works since they seem to get money from people using this strategy.

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By the way, there is no "matching" of donations. Because of the nature of political contributions, it's not possible to match claims. It's just fraud. The Trump campaign is most prevalent about making such matching claims, but they were not the first. Other Republican and Democratic candidates have done it. The FEC has said campaigns are engaging in fraud by making matching claims, but they don't take action to stop them.

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Ditto. Never gave a nickel, and the name they have for me in their database is "Trump Should Resign". I am often referred to as "one of Donald Trump's biggest supporters" and a "strong ally". Every day I get the "last chance" for a 550% match. I have "won" a Trump-Herschel Walker football several times now. It's hilarious, yet mind-boggling and depressing that such over-the-top bullshit gets sent out in the name of a POTUS.

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YES YES YES. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for so eloquently speaking for me!!! Tomorrow this formerly Republican Virginia voter will vote for Terry McAuliffe.

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"Donald Trump Is Now the Odds-On Favorite to Be President in 2025"

Shoot me now.

On the other hand, how about talking about who the Democrats should unite behind so Trump or DeSantis would have no chance. Biden is too old now, let alone three years from now. Harris doesn't have it. If the Democrats so poorly in 2022, Biden should bow out immediately. As for me, give me Klobuchar.

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The AMA document is just mind boggling. It's really about a bunch of white administrators wanting to be saviors of people they deem beneath them by doing things those people never asked them to do nor hoped they would do. The only thing at this point keeping me a registered Democrat is the unmitigated horror that is the other choice in our two-party system.

And those poll numbers are brutal. People don't even know what's in the bills, and they still say they won't help the economy. Or, it's the few people who do think they know what's in the bills who think they won't help the economy. Either one is a big problem.

And, if number 45 is going to become number 47, maybe now would be a good time to start using legislation to box in the powers of the Executive and enhance powers of oversight, and abrogate the filibuster to do so.

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Your last would require the Dems to be strategic, which as Tim M pointed out, is not happening so far ("The Democrats might want to focus more on competency and broadening their appeal, rather than participating in an internecine murder-suicide over how many trillions of dollars they spend.")

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