"individual successes don’t really matter that much" The streaming concept is also not fair to investors. They need to know if executives are greenlighting junk on a regular basis.

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Aug 18, 2023Liked by Sonny Bunch

Hey Sonny, if the writers and actors guilds strikes are resolved in the next month, when will the viewing public fully feel the impacts of the strikes when it comes to TV and movies? And how far/long will the "no new content" desert stretch? Because man, I've hated reality TV* since its inception and that was all we had after the last big strike.

*Except for that one TV show about celebrities working for a billionaire and getting fired. Twas the biggliest, bestest, most amazing show that's ever aired. Everyone's saying it.

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The biggest worry right now is studios pulling stuff from fall/winter because actors can’t do promo. But there will be a dearth of project next year if nothing can be shot for six months, for sure.

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