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I noticed, and was looking for, any indication that “Red, Right Hand” referred to one of either, read *“Extremist,” (red), “Ideological,” (right), “Hand”,* OR is it more closely aligned with something more like *”Bloodied,” (red), “Right Hand Dominant,” (right), “Hand,”?*

Grammatically, it’s correct, if not more than a little cumbersome. For that, I apologize. I fear I am an ubergeeknerd, though I own it, and I’m hot, or at least, was20 years ago, but I own my age as well. A limited frontal lobotomy would probably do me some good, and one was proposed and abandoned in favour of a crapload of anxiety meds. My teenagers would have preferred the lobotomy given my nighttime use of my indoor, RANTING VOICE, directed at … idiocy in general. I suppose that board line crazy 😝 ( 😂 ) has some limited entertainment valve, if not dry humour, for the rest of you, though. Cheers 🥂

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I second Rick’s recommendation of “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. You might know it as the theme song for the show “Peaky Blinders.”

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You obviously didn't look very hard. If you typed "red right hand" into Google, you would have quickly seen that the phrase come from John Milton's “Paradise Lost”, where the “red right hand” is a metaphor for divine vengeance. It is also a title of a great tune by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

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Thank you for the info 😊. I certainly genuinely appreciate it. And “No,” you are correct. I didn’t Goggle the title, and despite being familiar with “Paradise Lost,” it’s been awhile since I’ve read it.

I’m confess. I’m old enough that they didn’t have computers when I went to high school. So, Googling for an answer rarely occurs to me, as does entering information directly into my phone (I still search my bag for paper & a pen. The expression on peoples’ faces are priceless … lol 😂)

Last year, I stopped by the local University bookstore to pick up a few specialized dictionaries (a number of different publications in each discipline) in the fields Philosophy; Political Science; Ancient Greek, The History of Conflict - both before 1890 & after; and a number of obscure others. The 20 something clerk just stared at me with incredulity. “Most people just Google what they want to know.” “Oh, I replied, sheepishly, and disappeared as quickly as possible.

lol 😂. I rarely leave my house … but mostly because my 20 something daughters won’t let me ! They think I’m too embarrassing. They roll their eyes and say that: “Mom still gets her mail via stone tablet, and has it delivered by a Marathon runner … as in Marathon, Ancient, Greece … not the race named after the famous battle runner. When they must take me somewhere, the first words out of their mouths before introducing me with a “name,” they begin with: This is Mom; she’s socially awkward. Her name is Taylor. Don’t feel obligatory talk to her because perfectly happy just to be with her own thoughts and sit in the corner. She doesn’t drink alcohol, but you can hand her some juice once in a while and she’ll leave saying that she had a great time 👍.” I embrace their characterization of me because it keeps A**h%£>’s the hell away frame, and … well, not being able to laugh at yourself puts you squarely into the aforementioned category !


Kisses from the crazy 🤪 Beotch 💋💋💋

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