Everyone seems to forget that Bennett says he DIDN'T EVEN READ Cotton's op-ed before publishing it. THAT"S why he was fired, it wasn't the editorial itself. That's his fig leaf and everyone seems to buy it.

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JVL and All:

I somehow missed this post when it came out.

Anyway, here is what I wrote to The Economist: about the James Bennett piece:

"I think the essay is quite good. Thank you for it.

If I might add a note about the Cotton op-ed and the 1619 project. To me, the difference between an "op-ed" and a "project" is significant. An "op-ed" is a writing opposite from the editorial page where one would hope to find a wide variety of views -- especially when the editors themselves share similar views (as with the NYT).

A "project" is an effort planned to achieve a particular goal. The NYT said its goal was to "reframe American history." Since a newspaper's job is to report news I don't think it should have such goals at all. For example, printing anything inconsistent with the goal would necessarily undermine the project. So readers are cut off from inconsistent news and views.

As for the 1619 project specifically, I do not agree that it was excellent. It was and is totally one-sided. And it was fundamentally wrong in many respects, some of which were compiled in Mary Grabar's book (although I don't think she's right about the Hemings-Jefferson subject). And putting aside how one might look back at the Founding Fathers, the project's depictions of Abraham Lincoln and even Frederick Douglass are unbalanced at best.

But recognizing any of this would undercut the goal of the project. Hence the basic problem."

And for something completely different, IMHO this is the greatest Christmas song/video of all time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTx-sdR6Yzk

Merry Christmas to all!


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Haley has said that kids should never ever talk about gender in school at any grade, that she'd sign a 6-week abortion ban (and she kept saying this during the horrific Texas situation), and that she'd vote for Trump if he were the nominee.

Can Bulwark folks really be in favor of her?

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The song I would like to find was a video of Dolly Parton singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” with young people joining in from all over the world. Maybe it was a live video and never recorded. I haven’t searched for it in a while but will look again!

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I no longer admire the New York Times. It is not a one time or recent deal with them.

This is quite convincing.

The Gray Lady Winked: How the New York Times's Misreporting, Distortions and Fabrications Radically Alter History Kindle Edition

by Ashley Rindsberg

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Biden and Harris need to resign this re-run, and it'll be done.

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Bennet also notes that: "The tiny redoubt of never-Trump conservatives in Opinion is swamped daily not only by the many progressives in that department but their reinforcements among the critics, columnists and magazine writers in the newsroom. They are generally excellent, but their homogeneity means Times readers are being served a very restricted range of views, some of them presented as straight news by a publication that still holds itself out as independent of any politics."

In-house homogeneity should be seen as a point of weakness, not strength.

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When Biden and Harris are pushed out, the vacuum will fill in a hurry. Lots of younger and more talented Dems out there ready to take the torch and save the nation from another four years of psychopathy. I'm 77 and have been voting for Dems since'68.

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I got concerned when I read the piece by Schmitz. It seemed like a looking glass view of Trump's presidency, giving lip service to the chaos and mendacity while ascribing intent to putatively positive outcomes. It's helpful to have this view of the column, setting things tight.

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As I was reading that Schmitz piece, all I could think was, "here goes the NYT allowing a clown like this to soft pedal fascism and the Trump cult of personality in the interest of 'balance.' Again."

How can they print something that awful and live with themselves?

"Yes, Herr Hitler is rough around the edges and seems a tad preoccupied with unusual ideas about Hebrews, but German train schedules mean something thing again and, as if bringing back parades to a beleaguered nation weren't enough, der fuhrer added torchlight. Many Aryans see the clearest path to a hopeful future lit by those torches."

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Staunch Democrat here, and I have been saying this for quite some time. I was happy to see this article. I was just talking to my friends about this last evening and I'm sending them this article!

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I'm a Dem, and NYT subscriber - and I agree 100%

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I will always vote against John Lennon. He was a horrible human and is, honestly, an overrated musician. There. I said it.

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The correct answer to the poll question is “Father Christmas” by the Kinks.


Partial credit given for Jethro Tull’s “A Christmas Song”


It is known.

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Right on cue the nyts leader is a poll essentially smearing bidens tangible Israeli war policy against Trump's non existent one. Brilliant! Yes many people prefer a pretend policy they've made up in their heads over a tangible one in front of them ... sure winner.

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