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Attack of the Phones

Will Saletan guest hosts as Tom Edsall joins the panel to discuss rising political polarization, Biden’s latest moves on immigration, and the crackdown on social media and kids using smartphones.

Highlights / Lowlights

The book 'Wolves of K Street' by Brody and Luke Mullins and a story from his weekly poker game.

Linda: Experts Handicap the Trump-Biden Debate (Karl Rove, WSJ)

Damon: No, I Don't Want to Protest (Pamela Paul, NYT)

Why Activists Keep Failing the Causes That Fire Them Up (Sarah Isgur, NYT)

Bill: The Return of Peace Through Strength by Robert C. O'Brien (Foreign Affairs)

Biden and Trump tied in the Emerson Poll in... Minnesota.

Will: Louisiana Requires All Public Classrooms to Display Ten Commandments (NYT)

Bibi's shameful Biden attack video

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