I listened to Biden - as many others across the U.S. last night - and felt a sense of pride in our President and our nation. Yes, we are still a country where justice rules, values are important, and hatred has no place unless you are announcing your own ignorance - as Greene continues to do right on cue. And yes, Biden's age should no longer be an issue after this delightful, pointed, and articulate narrative - one laced with laughter yet with a deep grasp of the "real" and dangerous issues facing our nation today. He literally told Putin that he has no intention of backing down or bowing down - which brought a broad smile to my face! As Putin is hell-bent on marching toward world domination, he now knows that the U.S. - as long as Biden is in the White House - will be his foe along with all the power and might of the United States of America.

The choice between the two Presidential candidates this year should be easy but for so many, it is a struggle between their life-long commitment to the Republican Party and Trump's corrupt, hateful, and deceitful path. The Bible-belt area and devout Christians are unaware that they have chosen to worship a false God. We can only hope that their faith will help them see the light before the November election.

Elizabeth, www.democrazy2020.org

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Dear, Dear Vincent: I think you have found the "other" Elizabeth Graham, since I do not write romance novels. My focus now in my older years is to share my experiences with other Americans - and WARN them of what is really happening in our land. If you want a wake-up call, many but not all are found in From Democracy to Democrazy and I hope you enjoy the read.

I am starting book 3 called The Cold War Myth. It will be six months or more before it begins publication and that normally takes another 3-4 months. The current book was begun after George Floyd was murdered. Writing and then publishing a book in the U.S. is a learning process in itself, and I am still marketing Democrazy - which is a daily laborious task and expensive. I need more fans like you to help spread the word. My perspective on life, the U.S. and on "current political happenings in the U.S." are from a unique perspective (I became bi-cultural from the U.S. to Russia and back). Speaking of other writers, I enjoy Craig Unger. Bill Browder is an interesting read, but he writes from an American perspective. Vindeman is always an excellent read too, but his writings are from Ukrainian roots and as U.S. military. Yes, I have read Ann Applebaum as historical research and liked her writings. She writes with a Polish soul - another unique view of life.

I would love to hear your 1966 Moscow story sometime. My email is graham1elizabeth@aol.com.

Warm wishes and big thanks, Elizabeth

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Why doesn't anyone call Trump a RINO? Seems to me he does not reflect or believe in any traditional Republican values or tenants such as fiscal conservativism, international leadership and coalition building with allies, strong defense, etc. Seems to me he's the ultimate "Republican in Name Only". I think it's time to call him what he is.

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He defines the party. He cannot be a RINO. All those old values and tenants are gone.

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Congratulations! You just rang the bell!

Vince S

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I just the Cheap Shot video of MTG. She is such a moron. Great decorum for representative of a US government. My head is exploding that Trump could actually get his fat arse back into the White House. I wish there was some way to expedite these trials. If convicted maybe some voters would come to their senses.

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I don't recall which of Bulwark's contributors wrote this:

"It is a ghastly reality that the only job left that Donald Trump could get in this country is president of the United States.”

What's even more ghastly is that it is truer now than when it was written.

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Oh, dear!

You're right!

Although one might consider a job in the prison laundry or kitchen as a suitable alternative. What's the going pay rate these days in the federal Bureau of Prisons?

Vince S

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"Robinson graduated high school, joined the Army Reserve, and worked at furniture plants while pursuing his dream of getting a degree and becoming a history teacher"

IMO, Lt Gov Robinson is another self-hating African-American. He's just another example of what I just can't wrap my head around: how can *any* POC stand behind and support the Mango Malignancy. From his earliest days the Fulvous Flatulence has shown himself -- over and over and over and over and over... -- that he is an unrepentant racist. Just like Papa Fred, the MAGA oberste Fuhrer is convinced that the only function a POC has is to overpay rent in a run-down building that he deems as not worth repairing.

Furthermore, I have to question how good a history teacher Robinson would be. He appears to be lacking knowledge in the history of Blacks in America, and how the non-white population was, and in many parts of the country still is, deemed as second-class citizens whose civil, Constitutional and human rights are not part of the calculations of the New GOP. He seems to be unaware, or is intentionally wearing blinders, that the southern WORMs (White Old Republican Men) have their sights set on returning America to its antebellum history. Robinson (and Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Byron Daniels...) would have been called a "House N-word," polished/trained enough to serve in the plantation owner's residence, but still not worthy of being a citizen, or even a fellow human being for that matter.


"Robinson is a real American who speaks his mind, and screw what the lamestream media thinks about it!"

Robinson is a rank, two-bit politician who says what the New GOP overlords tell him to say. If he has a mind to speak from, he certainly isn't using it. When he does talk he basically is just repeating the racist and anti-Semitic talking points of the New GOP.

"he memorably derided Black Panther as a movie “created by an agnostic Jew and put to film by satanic Marxist . . . to pull the shekels out of your Schvartze pockets” (His usage of a derogatory Yiddish term for Blacks just adds to my belief that he spends a great deal of his time speaking through his ass.)

Mr Robinson doesn't care about what the "LSM" says about him because if he did he would be forced to confront the fact that he is an Uncle Tom or an Oreo -- my apologies to those who find those insulting terms highly offensive, I very rarely use such pejoratives (having been subjected to some myself for being what I am and not who I am) but in this case, "if the shoe fits...." This also applies to the belittling, racist expression in the second graf; I had referred to the antebellum South in the previous sentence, and this was the title used at that time.


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Thank you Maggie. I spent the majority of my career living and working in dictator-led and communist countries, and became bi-cultural. This provided me the tools to survive and sense danger, but also to share with others this experience. Please read From Democracy to Democrazy for the full story. Warm wishes and stay well, Elizabeth www.democrazy2020.org

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Can we all agree that primaries do not help us. They were a reform but by and large now only make things worse.

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You are completely correct. Russian banks - all controlled and managed by the KGB/FSB also gave $9.8 million to Marie LePen the French presidential opposition leader in an attempt to overthrow the French government. Governments worldwide do not grasp who Putin is and what his intentions are. In 1997, a book surfaced in Russia called The Foundations of Geopolitics. It was believed that Putin was the ghost writer since the book outlines his presidential goals. He was the PM at the time and became the President 3 years later. His list includes world domination, restore the world to pre-NATO time, destroy the United States and the U.K., invade Ukraine and restore the land to Russia, and so on. I read this book (in Russian) and was living in Moscow at the time. I believe it is now available in English. Putin is now compared to Stalin for his murderous ambitions. Stalin was believed to have killed over 20 million humans.

Finland recently joined NATO in order to secure U.S. and other nation's protection. Russia has already started to harass the Finish/Russia 850+ mile border. The President of Moldova mentioned this week in a news conference that Putin has begun to interfere with their government operations. Poland and other European countries have expressed concerns.

In From Democracy to Demcrazy, (Chapter 8, page 136-138) I quoted Illarionov who was Putin's former economic advisor. After the Beslan School massacre where Putin killed more than 300 people, mostly children (186), because Chechen rebels seized the school in protest of Putin's Chechen's invasion and destruction - Illarionov left Russia and came to the U.S. Most families in Russia have one child due to cramped small apartments and poverty, so children are highly valued and protected. For Putin to kill hundred's of children was a first signal to the Russian people that their new leader was a replica of Stalin. To repeat a small part of the quote, Illarionov said that If "Putin is not stopped, he would continue on (after Ukraine). It will mean that thousands or tens of thousands more will die. He is already responsible for many deaths . . . calculated it may be up to 500,000 or 600,000 deaths in Russia and outside Russia. How long should we (the U.S. and the world) tolerate this endless spiral of deaths produced by one person? . . . The West may not want to be at war with Russia, but they also may have no CHOICE."

Trump is massively ignorant about Putin and Russia, and while he would like the U.S. to think Putin is his friend - Trump is nothing more than a stupid American stooge who is being managed by an expert Russian KGB spy turned President. When Trump lost the last election, it was only a few months afterward that Ivana Trump died due to a blunt blow to her head (typical of Russian-style murders). Trump did his very best to cover up her death to make and it look like an accident. I seriously doubt that she just fell down her steps. If Trump looses this election and looses his real estate businesses (used by Russians to funnel million dollar black cash transactions into the U.S.) then Trump may be the next name on the hit list if he is no longer useful to Putin. If Trump wins this election, then Putin will give Trump his second "wish list" and withdrawal from NATO may be high on the list. Such action would leave the entire world vulnerable to Putin's grand plan of world domination.

It is extremely difficult for me to watch the millions of Americans who have been totally brainwashed and will vote for Trump. Brainwashing began about 100 years ago in totalitarian countries and was used throughout Eastern Europe, China, Russia, Korea, Viet Nam, etc. It is now found in the U.S. and widespread. The U.S. isolation from Europe and other countries lends itself to global ignorance and a lack of understanding outside of our four walls (borders).

Those Americans who fought in WWII, the Korean War, and in Viet Nam are now seniors or have died. Even those who fought in the mid-east are now older. We are right on the brink of another global confrontation, and Trump would not have a clue how to protect Americans or America. He would just do as he is told like a good little Putin puppet. Biden is our only reasonable choice. He has almost 50 years of public service: 36 years in the Senate, 8 as our VP, and 4 as our President. But more importantly, he loves this country and will protect our citizens if possible.

Yes, we are living in very scary times. Elizabeth www.democrazy2020.org

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Ms Graham:

What on earth are you doing spending your time writing pot-boiler romance novels? (Or maybe that's a different Elizabeth Graham?)

Why are you not lending your advice to the Biden administration for a suitable compensation? Or writing articles for The New Yorker or The Guardian or Foreign Policy?

You are probably familiar with a quote attributed to Stalin: "Who votes doesn't count. What counts is who counts the votes." (That may be a mangled translation. Perhaps you can supply the alleged original in Russian.) I predict that, come the interregnum period between 5 November 2024 and 6 January 2025 and probably for months thereafter, that quotation will echo like a klaxon alarm throughout the country.

So, when do we acknowledge that a society is about to crumble and become a mob? What are the signs? Are the signs accumulating to the tipping point already? At what point can the lies no longer be credibly sustained? Can political scientists predict the earthquake? Who in 1904 was predicting the 1917 Russian Revolution? Who in 1988 was predicting the collapse of the Soviet Union? What were the signs? Why were they not recognized?

I am going to buy your Democrazy book tomorrow!

(Not directly pertinent, but I have a story to tell you about my naive use of the word, "revolution" as a student in Moscow in 1966. I think you will appreciate it.)

(Another marginal question, if you don't mind. Do you read articles by Ann Applebaum? Her Atlantic article at the end of February was "Why Is Trump Trying to Make Ukraine Lose?")

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Joseph Stalin: The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do.

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To get a clearer picture of what Trump's support looks like, someone should do an in-depth study of who voted for Haley, exit polls that asked Republican voters if they intended to vote Trump in the general, and Trump's percentages. See what we come up with.

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From what I remember last week (I think), there is chunk of Haley voters who flat out said they wouldn't vote for Trump. Also this https://nymag.com/intelligencer/article/haley-voters-actually-biden-voters.html

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A whole lot of Republicans have become independents. Trump's 60% of the Republican party is not what it used to be.

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This is off topic, but McConell’s endorsement of Trump is just more evidence that everyone is scared of Trump—either because of blackmail material or fear for their own and their families safety due to some MAGA nut or to Putin’s murderous tendencies.

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With so much bleak news to parse, MTG's "why don't you f@#$ off" comment truly made my day.

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Sorry to belabor this point but I have to be astounded about McConnell's endorsement of Trump. Is he thinking that this cements his legacy as a party loyalist? Is he not aware that this cements him as a party toady when his country needed him the most?

Am I missing something? Does someone have a different take on it?

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I'm not surprised. McConnell proved his disloyalty to the country when he refused to convict the Orange Snake in the Senate "trial". The Snake could have ranted and raved and lied all he wanted and nobody would have listened to him.

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