Have to say I don't see the problem with Disney's metric of dividing the number of minutes streamed by the run time. It's not as if they are taking that number to advertisers as representative of the number of eyeballs the show got...streaming isn't supported that way. As a measure of how popular the show was, it seems to me to work fine.

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I am surprised more of the advertising isn't playing up Denzel and Dakota's reunion 20 years after Man on Fire. I guess because the actors' strike makes that hard.

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Just War Theory: The Motion Picture... I lol'd.

Few things as as pleasing as righteous violence. It ties in with the whole schadenfreude thing that JVL was talking about the other day.

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"Man on Fire" is a great movie, probably my favorite Denzel Washington flick. Fantastic script, and so superbly directed by the late Tony Scott.

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If I were AMC I would have made the exact same decision. After the studios tried their day and date nonsense I really can't fault them for cutting this deal with The Swifts directly. Also, I'm pretty curious to see how Napoleon and Killers of The Flower Moon do at the box-office this fall. This Apple deal and The Swift deal is super interesting to me because it could they don't need to perform in the traditional way or promote in the usual way. They don't need stars to promote the because they are both recognizable brands on their own.

Can you tell that I read in close proximity to listening to the bonus ep?

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Sep 1, 2023Liked by Sonny Bunch

I am going to see Equalizer Three this weekend. I like to think Antoine Fuqua’s pitched it to Denzel like this:

AF-Wanna do Equalizer 3?

DW-I’m not feeling it.

AF-We are filming for 95 days in Italy and we guarantee you only work all day for 30 of them.

DW-Equalizer 3 sounds amazing.

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