Regarding abortion ; I assure you that abortion will very much be on the minds of women (and men) this Nov. It continues to amaze me that Republicans just don't get it ! Women were enraged when the court overturned Roe , and if anything it has gotten worse. The manner in which it was done, the lies, the extremes that state legislators have brought very troubling incidents . It has gotten to where I think we are beyond abortion, we are talking about abusing women. Period .

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Well said Bill. Thank you for.your service !

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It is not a “hush money trial”. It is true that the inciting event was the payment of money to a porn star with whom trump, had sexual relations, in order to buy her silence. Apparently this is not illegal. However, trump was too cheap to use his own money. Instead he paid it out of business funds and tried to pass it off as payment for legal advice. Falsifying business records is illegal. It is called fraud. And to do so in order to keep important information from voters just before an election in which trump was running for the Presidency of the USA, is election interference. Which is also illegal. So it is NOT a “hush money trial”. Please stop calling it that. It is instead a trial about election interference and fraud.

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Yesterday on CSPAN I heard Secretay of Defense Lloyd Austin make a compelling case for supporting Ukraine as he answered questions posed by members of the Appropriations Committee for Defense. I wish President Biden could do the same speaking to the American people. Many of my friends who are Democrats are "over" funding the war in Ukraine, and I think support is weakening daily. The media rarely covers events in Ukraine anymore, and since October 7, I have seen very little coverage from reporters on the ground anywhere in Ukraine. This funding, if it does actually pass, may be the last they get.

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AOC should demand 5% as well

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Re the Cheap Shots’ report that The Indicted One wants 5% of anybody’s campaign donation request that uses TIO’s NIL (name, image, likeness) in it. This clown thinks he’s like some hotshot college athlete? Suggest he get an opinion from NCAA’s Charlie Baker (R, immediate past Mass Governor) on that.

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No, he thinks he's a mafia boss, and everyone has to kick up to the capo

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Whoa, that’s a lot of optimism and wish-casting. Of the three prongs in the triad: abortion, Bragg’s case, and Ukraine, I can only see the first wounding Trump.

In my small circle, my husband and I are the only ones who support aid for Ukraine. Even some fellow D’s oppose it, for reasons I will never understand. They say “Ukraine” with disdain, like it’s distasteful to mention it. Maybe Russian propaganda is taking root. But the point is, it’s no longer a popular position and losing popular support by the day.

Would any jury in America convict Trump of a felony, even in NYC, where Biden won 76% of the vote? Hope springs eternal, but so does doubt.

Abortion sticks. Hard.

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Your circle might indeed be small if the only people who support aid to Ukraine are you two. It reminds of the guy who told me he was certain that MAGA represented the majority of Americans, because "everyone I know is MAGA." Well, sure in his little ruby red county. Several grand juries have unanimously recommended Trump for indictment. He has never won a case, even though until now now all those cases were done on a civil basis. Vote percentages are irrelevant.

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“But they get to play starring roles once again in their favorite stage production: The Washington Establishment Has Betrayed You And I’m The Only One You Can Trust.” Here is what is sad - as a young political science major in the early 1980s, I remember being taught then (when it was just television we had to worry about) that Congress was becoming too “performative.” 40 years later, the impact of technology on the institution of Congress - as we all know - is considerably worse. We have to modernize our key institutions, including our political institutions to keep pace with technology. Reforms? Ranked voting, stronger prohibition of gerrymandering…….

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Maybe. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas (my dad)

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Buried in that Politico article moaning about Biden’s lead among young voters being smaller than usual, aside from it being statistically identical to four years ago among likely voters: Biden is ahead of Trump by 6 points among white voters????



How is THAT not the lead?

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"white voters leaning towards Biden; how that's bad for Biden"

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Re Ukraine - I live in a swing district (CA-27); Representative Mike Garcia. I just wrote him to (politely) urge his support of Ukraine funding and to not be afraid of the cult. He's supported funding requests in the past but he's also questioned continued funding (for disingenuous reasons).

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I emailed my rep, Jared Huffman (CA-2), yesterday and urged him to do the same. Fingers Crossed!

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Good for you Flavia! Keep up the great civic engagement! :-)

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MTG is a Putin shill. No

matter her entertainment

value to her district, it's going

to end.

When you have the

committee heads of 3 of the

majority house intelligence

groups come out and say

their house members are

spouting Putin's talking

points on the floor, I suggest

you pay attention. And this

may be 1 of the reasons Mike

Johnson has changed his

mind about Ukraine aid.

There's also that Russian

intel report in WaPo that was

leaked that pretty much laid

out Putin's plans for the US

and Europe. Diane Francis,

here on Substack, posted an

excellent report that expands

this even more today. MTG is

in the headline.

Another good post Andrew and William.

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I like Bill, he has a lot of Hopium. I have Hopium. However, when I read his three things, all of a sudden I heard the Meat Loaf anthem, "Two out of Three Ain't Bad". Hopefully we will get two out of three.

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The Republican congressional members of the “House of Trump” share so much commonality…including a lack of intelligence and humanity as well as a sense of right and wrong.

The House of Trump is all about appeasing Trump. They don’t problem solve. They would allow America to burn if it benefits Trump.

Trump and his crime family took graft in plain sight but they decided to go after Biden with no evidence.

Using our tax dollars, Gym Jordan and Comer Pyle try to intimidate and derail the criminal actions against Trump.

Why isn’t there an uproar about this waste?

Why aren’t they censured their interference in state criminal actions? They even tried to interfere with the special prosecutor’s cases.

If the Democrats were less inept they would make the lack of productivity and waste of taxpayer money as issues. ( “Even with the majority in the house they did nothing to solve the border problem, high drug prices, health case costs, ensure the survival of social security/medicare, inflation, high interest rate…).

Show that they simply serve Trump not the people they represent. Demand competence in your representatives not performance. That goes for the Senate as well. Make Tuberville the poster child for incompetence in the Senate and MTG in the house. They talk but say nothing and accomplish even less.

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Trump has angled for other people’s money all his life, beginning with HIS father. It continues today and is tied to whether his name is used? Next is “trade marking” the use of the name Trump?

Donald will try anything and stop at nothing!

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Man, I hope Biden's social media team runs with "Don Snoreleone".

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"I'll make him an offer he can't understand."

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