I loved The Card Counter for many of the reasons expressed in the episode and I’m only going on to create a bit of a SPOILER buffer.

Okay, so in that scene with Gordo and Will I read Dafoe’s performance as not only a acceptance to what was going to happen but an accepted one. I think they both wanted absolution and so they did “take turns” until one was done.

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Complete opposite of you guys. I felt this was a worthless movie. Had many gripes with it -- Haddish not great; her relationship with Tell; the poker; the ending; his motivations. Answer me this as I still don't understand: why did Tell go to the place he went at the end after his actions? Why did the person who came to see him come?

Also, just a personal gripe: the aspect ratio was quite weird and didn't see a point other than he wanted to be different.

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