The streamers are learning what te networks learned decades ago; sports gets lots of eyeballs

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That was an insightful lead comment about streaming. I’ve been thinking about Google’s play here, as it seems a next logical step but is also not in keeping with their culture and business model.

Google has always said it wants to provide access to all the wold’s information, but the unspoken part is they want to force access to other people’s creations without paying. They have been the defendant in numerous copyright suits, and most often the winner thanks to their piles of cash, market power, and savvy manipulation of policy and academic discussions and sometimes public opinion. They use the eyeballs and, more important the user data to make vast heaps of money off syndicating advertising.

Given all that, being a subscription seller seems like a detour. I wondered whether they’d start caring about piracy or even become an MPA member like Netflix did.

But no. You nailed it.

“Of course, making money is, at best, a secondary concern for Google. Because what Google really wants is a.) for you to download the app to your TV and then b.) hoover up as much data about your viewing habits as possible, while also c.) damaging a competitor and hastening the speed of cord-cutting.”

Bingo. I see it now. Thanks.

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My James Cameron picks would be:

The Abyss


True Lies

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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