"Hurd did vote against the first Trump impeachment (as did Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger), but he is not holding back now in his critiques of the former guy’s character or crimes ..."

While I'm glad that the likes of Hurd, Cheney, and Kinzinger eventually developed a moral spine, it's hard to respect any of these clowns if they voted to support Trump after it was established that multiple witnesses heard him use taxpayer money to extort Ukraine into doing his dirty political bidding.

None of them have the moral character required for the Presidency. But hey, neither did Ronald Reagan, who is practically a deity for Bulwark contributors despite his lack of qualifications, driving the economy to the ground, and multiple recorded instances of outright racism.

So I guess the moral bar is pretty low for Republican candidates.

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Christie, Hurd, and Hutchinson are hollow men if they don’t endorse Biden after Trump gets nominated.

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“Donald Trump is not running for president to represent people that voted for him in 2016 & 2020. Donald Trump is running to stay out of prison. If we elect Trump, you're willingly giving Biden 4 more years in the White House.”

When some one says this Mr. Sykes, he may not be a problem in today's GOP, but that doesn't mean he isn't a problem. Folks like Hurd get boo'd and ridiculed because they try to play both sides against the middle, which ultimately no one respects. He basically agrees with Trumps view of POV and politics, but not Trump himself?

And of course he is running to stay out of prison d'uh!! Nobody willingly goes to prison! This line of argument is not the "gotcha" he thinks it is.

A voice that gets respect is a voice that takes a stand and sticks to it. Trump is, well all kinds of things, but this dude NEVER waivers from the core message. He is going to go down swinging taking anybody with him who is stupid or unlucky enough to be in orbit. That's the strong part of the appeal.

Can't knock the hustle of you presenting a different POV though....hopeful Rep. Hurd appreciates your efforts.

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All Trump voters are blithering idiots. Period! These enablers ought to be deported to a country where voting the wrong way gets you killed.

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Amen Charlie....We need more voices like Will Hurd....no one is "without sin"...let's applaud him for what he's doing.......and he brings something unique in the GOP...ideas and solutions vs grievance politics...how "quaint" huh?

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Well said. Another Republican telling truth about Trump's criminal activities.

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Just in: "The New York Times BREAKING NEWS Federal prosecutors charged Donald Trump in connection with his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. . . . The indictment, filed by the special counsel Jack Smith in Federal District Court in Washington, accused Mr. Trump of a conspiracy to defraud the United States, a conspiracy to threaten the rights of others, a conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding before Congress and obstruction of an official proceeding."


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The latest siren warning we can’t ignore:

"The twice-impeached former president, who faces multiple felony charges and imminent indictments for more…who incited an insurrection to overturn the last election is tied with the incumbent president."

If you don't understand how this could happen, it all starts with how successful the rightwing propaganda machine has been in convincing half the country that the mainstream media is not credible, and therefore to believe that they should only pay attention to what is reported by the increasingly radical political right.

This lethal combination of unregulated propaganda and lack of exposure to reliable news has made it all too easy for unscrupulous to persuade millions of people, most of whom do lack critical thinking skills, to turn their backs on objective reality.

It all begins with propaganda peddlers playing to the inherent bigotry and racism that is still a driving force in politics. But once people have chosen a side, then they can easily be manipulated to believe practically anything by how their sources of information report on people and events, as well as by all the news that goes unreported by those same sources.

In this way propaganda peddlers can totally shape an alternative false view of reality.

Most MAGAs know little or nothing about all the major news stories that have been and are still being reported involving Trump’s crimes and misdeeds.

They do not accept the scientific and medical consensus on vaccines or climate change.

It is also important to understand this ignorance is not benign, but goes hand in hand with real hate and contempt for those of us who oppose Trump and their world view. Propaganda peddlers now literally demonize Democrats as “evil.”

This has worked to unite MAGAs in their hatred of “the left,” of all Democrats but especially Democratic leaders, of RINOs which means anyone not a Trump loyalist, of immigrants, of the BLM movement, and of transgender people.

Many MAGAs also think anyone they don’t like must be a socialists and/or a communist.

Seeing all this on a daily basis, I have come to believe it is past time to place some restraints on the purveyors of disinformation that are undermining democracy – via some requirements for some sort of Fairness Doctrine with enforcement teeth.

I also believe that we need to reform our educational system a.s.a.p. to teach kids some of what they need to know in order to be good citizens in a functioning democracy. That means teaching so called ‘critical thinking skills’ in a more structured and effective manner. No one should graduate high school without knowing how to evaluate sources of information, why some organizations have divides between the editorial and news divisions, what the differences are between hard news, analysis, and opinion writing, what differentiates ethical journalism from unethical propaganda, and how to recognize fallacious arguments. Perhaps something about the psychological characteristics that propel such things as belief in conspiracy theories and the need to follow an authoritarian leader should also be included.

Unless we begin to do a better job of identifying and addressing what is causing massive numbers of people to reject objective facts and evidence, we are going to find that those of us who still believe in those things are part of a shrinking minority.

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Good for Hurd, although the GOP will not thank him for it. More Republicans should hit back at Trump. I can see why they don’t, because Trump is to Trumpers what Taylor Swift is to Swifties.

As for Trump, damn right he wants to stay out of jail. The mind of a Trumper is a hard thing to fathom. What would attract them to a paunchy liar and serial grifter? Historians will no doubt study this oddity for years.

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JV’s take is correct andCharlie is dead wrong for all the reasons JV pointed out. These people could better use their time convincing people to vote for Biden than trying to convince Rs to vote for one of these other unsuitable characters. Trump is the nominee unless he’s dead. Use your time more productively! Hurd said US couldn’t survive 4 more years of Biden. What BS. Are there any Republicans left with moral character?

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"And they are making the case — over and over and over — that Trump is manifestly unfit for office."

Until they don't. After Super Tuesday, it will be "I support the nomination of the Party."

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You're absolutely right and that drives me nuts. Saying he should be nowhere near the WH, but they'll vote for him anyway. It's like someone complaining the food just put in front of him tastes like dog shit.

" So, are you going to eat it?"

" Well, sure, why shouldn't I?"

"Because it actually is dog shit."

"I'll eat it anyway."

And it's not so much that they will eat it, but they will change their tune and then say now it tastes great. It almost makes me want to kill myself.

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It is truly crazy-making and the whole wretched scenario is playing out just like before:

a) a large pool of Republican candidates diluting the pool so that Trump can win the nomination with a smaller percentage of primary votes and b) they have effectively killed off Biden, making Harris the opposing candidate. Having done that, they have "Hillorized (or Hilloried, take your pick) her. It will thus be a Trump vs. Hillary Clinton match-up again, i.e. lots of people saying "I don't like Trump, but I can't vote for her."

This is a good time to read (or reread) Candide by Voltaire. It puts everything into perspective, reminds us that things have never been any better or less absurd and it provides an actual prescription at the end for getting through it all.

Your analogy made me think of this funny phenomenon:

"The food was terrible, but at least the portions were big."

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I am sorry. When I saw “praises” I thought for a minute Hurd was running for the Dems (wishful sarcasm).

Hurd says the right stuff...like most people mouthing the words to a song...cause...well, they know the words. But they’ll never have the guts to sing on stage.

Hurd is still a Fickle Independent. A lost conservative resurrectionist wracked with Steve Schmidt TDS. Hurd is pointing out the colors of the lifeboat instead of ushering people into it.

And why do we have dismal numbers for Biden?

Hurd. Well, not singularly...Biden’s people are his worst enemy; they still feed the need to fuck around with queens bury rules or a knife at a gun fight and legacy media false equivalence, complacently believing “our” record is soooo good! Which it is, no doubt. But world peace is good to, but who’s buying?

Hurd and the ilk of conservative ressurectionist….standing around after a Kid Rock or Ye concert, deaf and watching the clean up crew…foolishly awaiting the encore that will never be. More scary than any MAGA red hat.

Maybe Hurd will get picked up by the No Labels crew.

He may as well. His complacency certainly merits it.

And the “praise” would be just about as empty.


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Agree wholeheartedly. That’s why I bulked at him being described as a normie. Glad you see it too.

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I thank God for people like Will Hurd, a true servant who put his life in danger for you and I. We need him on that debate stage.

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DeSantis is so bad at this. He’s doing a general election pivot before there’s even a primary debate? I’m thinking his big win in Florida was some grand accident because he’s truly awful at campaigning.

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His win in Florida came because 1) he kept the schools open and 2) he was running against a baked potato with an R written on it.

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Removed (Banned)Aug 1, 2023
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Maybe he’s never been media trained? That’s all pretty bad. I’ve only seen a few videos but it was awkward to watch. He needs a political make-over. Can we get a “PR Eye for the Florida Guy”?

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RE: Will Hurd is what passes for a serious political candidate in this day and age???

Please. He's the same old same old, but with a spine.

Hurd tries to artfully attack Trump for the criminal and incompetent that he is, but then claims a Biden re-election will bring on Armageddon!!!

So, if the current economic state of affairs via Bidenomics, a newly strengthen NATO, along with better relations with Pacific partners, and better corporate partnerships with government is the swirling mists ready to disgorge an era with cats and dogs living together...

I'll take more of the same.

But Hurd doesn't give any stated policies. Like all Republicans, we know what he is against, but we don't know the specifics of what he is for.

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Today, I'll take same old same old, but with a spine. Baby steps.

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