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Will Debates Reset the Race?


Sarah Longwell, Chris Cillizza, Will Saletan join Mona and Bill to discuss the upcoming debates, the polls (and Biden's response to them) and how to spend a record $61 million on a Senate primary and still get trounced.

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highlights / lowlights

Mona: Thousands sign petition urging canceled concerts by Israeli ensemble to go ahead in Amsterdam (Times of Israel)

Sarah: GOP Sen. Mitt Romney says Biden should have pardoned Trump (NBC)
Biden killing the presidential debate commission.

Chris: The beauty of no audience at the Presidential debate.

Bill: Can the Declaration of Independence’s Ideals Hold America Together? (Colin Woodard, Washington Monthly)

Lowlight: The reports from the battlefield in Ukraine, after the GOP delayed aid for so long.

Will: RFK Jr.’s Rich Running Mate Just Added $8 Million to His Effort
The hypocrisy of Congressional Republicans who voted against aid to Ukraine and Israel but lectured Biden over withholding 2,000 pound bombs for Rafah.

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