Transgender is created during pregnancy just as intersex and homosexuality. Everyone wants to believe that transgender is a social problem that can fixed by re-education just as it was believed homosexuals could be re-educated. Or a fad that can be replaced by another. It is not a disease that can be transferred through the air to another person. It cannot be created by child abuse. Keep your poorly educated misconceptions away from my child who is 30 years old and knows precisely who she is and can make her decisions about her health care.

BTW - when are you going to start attacking all this unnecessary cosmetic surgery? (I am not talking about reconstructive surgeries)

Because you're born an A-cup doesn't mean you should be able to change it surgically to a D-cup so you can entice a better mate. Breasts are for nursing and if you augment your breasts you might not be able to nurse. Shouldn't society have control over their body shapes? Why are some people privileged over others? Why are some people believed about their needs for modification and others not?

You know there is not one mention in the Bible that the earth is spherical. We know that it is. Perhaps there are facts that weren't mentioned in the Bible because they weren't needed to tell the parables God wanted to tell at that time. God didn't tell us that there would be planes that could circumnavigate the earth. But there are. There is an awful lot that God didn't tell us. I don't recall any mention of intersex babies. They were probably just taking to the woods in hopes the fairies would give them a normal baby.

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I sent this as an email, but it came back to me-unread

Hi Charlie,

Can you address this? I have DirecTV (ATT). Five times since 2016 I’ve called them and asked them to drop Fox, Newsmax, OANN from my package. They will drop the channels, but not the fees. For example, as of late 2021, the mandatory carrier fees I was paying to Fox s $7.30 a month (I never watch). This is in contrast to MSNBC, which was $1.25 a month. Angelo C from Media Matters said that 90% of fixed revenue comes from carrier fees not advertising dollars. I’m listening to your great interview with Matt G now.

Best Regards,

Julia Ruggieri

Sent from my iPad

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Memories are subjective; power is objective

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Carlson has cherry picked things from the tapes that support his point of view, just as the Democrats cherry picked things supporting theirs. That is what politicians and their public relations people in the media do. It would be foolish to expect anything else. (The way to avoid that would have been to put all the tapes up on the internet, blurred as appropriate, and let people who were interested check them out, and that probably would not be practical.) Even with the cherry picking and despite Carlson’s efforts to sensationalize the stuff he presents, as well as I can tell, there is not much there that matters importantly or is even new. The defense of the Capitol was poorly planned, managed, and coordinated, with some officers behaving well and others not. That does not make it less wrong or not true that the Capitol was attacked. Some of the rioters in the Capitol wandered around harmlessly gawking, guilty of at most trespassing. That is irrelevant to the fact that many others committed more serious crimes. It is possible that the Epps character was somebody’s agent provocateur instead of only a cheerleading blowhard, but it was not agents provocateur who stirred up a mob of fearful, overwrought people and sent them over to rush the Capitol. Some of the poor suckers who went to the Capitol have been treated more harshly than they deserve because of their politics, but that has been obvious for a while - just as obvious as that the man who actually did try to overthrow the republic has skated so far. Right now Carlson's venture is looking more like the opening of Al Capone’s vault than any sort of blockbuster. People who get too worked up about it may be playing into his hand, allowing him to say the establishment is fearfully attacking him to protect some big, dark secrets.

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Your beginning (excellent) writing made me hungry. 😉😊

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Tucker is an asshole. Plain and simple.

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Just watched Fox News and Brit Hume take on tucker. Question for Charlie: Brit Hume. Who is this guy?

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Re administering the CHIPS Act, Adam White appears to think thar child care, union membership, and stewardship of taxpayer dollars are incompatible with national security. The entire article is an exercise in the kind of intellectual dishonesty Democrats grew to loathe about Republicanism: Cloak opposition to liberal policy goals in sanctimony about national security and pearl clutching about the unfairness of it all to corporations.

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A lot of us thought we already had those constructive values and norms, which is why the embrace of Donald Trump was so flabbergasting.

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Someone needs to start selling “Let’s Go Tucker” shirts, hat, bumper stickers. It’s the perfect answer to Let’s Go Brandon. Not only can it express one’s view of Trump, but it will also serve to erode Tucker’s credibility with the “good folks” who live and die on Tucker’s every word and smirk.

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It has really been a total shame to watch the self-degradation and spiraling descent of Tucker Carlson. Back in 2010 when he co-founded The Daily Caller both he and the site were respected voices of the conservative community. It is astounding to me just how far he has fallen since throwing his name behind Fox. For that matter, it is also astonishing how quickly Fox descended into the Trumpist absurdities and the spreading of bovine scat starting back in 2016.

Both Carlson and Fox tossed their reputations onto the garbage heap of "conservative opinion" that has been growing exponentially since TFG pushed a rapid deterioration in American politics (and civility and trust of our country's institutions - e.g. the SCOTUS).


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The more time that passes, and the more that Tucker MAGA types keep trying to spin vicious lies about what happened on January 6, further emboldening the likes of Trump and other white supremacists to engage in future violence, the more I'm sadly convinced that Capital police officers should have opened fire early, and decisively.

The second a single insurrectionist crossed the threshold of the building or tried to get in through a window they should have been mowed down until the insurectionists were held at bay.

Had these been minority protestors, they would have been shot the second they breached the barricades which is absolutely indisputable.

Yes more police officers may have died as a result, but on the other hand, shooting Babit was pretty damn effective in temporarily stopping the onslaught.

An insurectionist is trying to overthrow the government by definition. When they were treated with kid gloves, it was the exact same thing as letting Trump skate on his attempted coup which has indisputably egged him on to try again. He's not even hidding it.

An insurection should be met with the level of state violence that an insurection deserves.

Next time what? Insurectionists will be allowed to sack the Whitehouse? SCOTUS? Why stop there? Pentagon?

These traitors openely attacked a centrepiece of the United States government. They should havve been met with the full force of said government.

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Shifting from the politics to the business side of Fox/Tucker's latest diversion into alternate reality. WHAT EXACTLY (if any) is Fox's business strategy? If they (Rupert?) don't want Trump to be the nominee AND they (hopefully now) see the legal peril he poses to them by their willingness to allow his lies to not be challenged/countered with fact (that's on them for NOT refuting him) why would they allow a program that gives him ammo for his retribution campaign?

Is Fox not only duplicitous, but devoid of a post Trump strategic plan? Is the co-dependency so primal that they are willing to ride it irrespective of the consequences to Fox itself? Or is this all about today's/tomorrow's profits and audience engagement TODAY with no long term plan?

Perhaps Paul Ryan is having these "private conversations" while he is still "in the room" as a BOD member. But every well run company should have some long term strategy and I fail to see what that is for Fox?

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Fox is to news as

WWE is to wrestling

(And even Vince McMahon eventually changed it from World Wrestling Federation to World Wrestling Entertainment, under legal or business pressure I'm sure)

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I wonder if Tucker would feel the same if the J6 mob showed up at his home. I doubt it. This gutless wonder is responsible for Trump, J6, the radical delusion of the right, and the absolute decline of our country. Hate is not a strong enough word for how I feel about this con artist.

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First, McCarthy gives Tucker access to Capitol security footage.

Then Tucker airs cherry-picked footage with a "peaceful protest" narrative.

Now, the House GOP is announcing probes into the January 6th committee and Capitol Security on Jan. 6.

Really sounds like McCarthy and company have a plan to provide an alternative reality version of January 6th.

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