Loved the conersation. You all at the Bulwark have really exploded 💥 with wonderful content!

Did I hear right that we can blame our decline and fall on Netflix?

And where do you place the Wire in the Parthian of groundbreaking TV?


The current Wild West of streaming services is costing me lots of money in order to view all possible football games.

Used to be you needed a TV. No longer

Not sure how games get apportioned to streamers/broadcasters

Peacock is required



Apple TV

fubo sling ESPN NBC Youtube etc

FOX (Only available to certain high-status subscription services?)

NFL network





I subscribe to:

Sling 85.00

Peacock. 12.00

Netflix. 15.00

NFL 15.00

Apple 20.00

Amazon Prime 15.00

Paramount + 15.00

Add some Track & Field for another $10 or $20.

Add basketball to ESPN for $15

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This guy writes like a dream, but I've heard mixed reviews about this latest book. I will set aside some time to listen to the pod.

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"Muse about the role TV’s antiheroes played in paving the way for Donald Trump."


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You’ll have to listen to find out!

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Will do!

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Even for the villain-adjacent antihero, having a code counts.

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What an interview! Quality.

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Good conversation. As I look at my own evolving streaming habits, I can see that I’m going to move towards the least-expensive-for-me tiers of the increasingly something-for-everyone streamers and then spend my leftover pennies on streamers that have more of what *I* want and get it without ads. Sound like a familiar history? Give it a half a decade! And maybe that’s where the annoying Amazon sub-subscriptions are going.

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