Regarding the $150+ streaming payment? I still didn't get the fox sports channel.

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Forgive off-topic presentation but apropos

I wwant to watch March madness. I want to watch the NBA playoffs. I have a cell phone and so I stream these events. How do I stream them? How much money do I have to put out?

The current Wild West of streaming services is out of control.

Used to be you needed a TV. No longer

I have no idea how sport content is apportioned to broadcasters





Apple TV

fubo sling ESPN NBC Youtube etc

FOX (Only available to certain high-status subscription services?)

NFL network





I personally subscribed to:

Sling 85.00

Added Basketball service 15.00

Peacock. 12.00

Netflix. 15.00

NFL 15.00

Track & Field access for another $10 or $20.

For a total of 142 bucks.

If President Biden makes streaming/legacy TV affordability and availability a campaign issue it could be big.


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Looking forward to listening to this. Any chance of getting Ed Zwick on the podcast?

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Well, I wrote a review and I don't *usually* interview people whose stuff I've reviewed (I think it creates a weird conflict of interest issue, or at least the appearance of a conflict of interest). If Ed Zwick's people reached out, though, I'd probably do it, haha. It's a good book, I didn't need to be bribed with an interview to write good things about it!

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